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Symposium Program Files

Symposium Program (PDF)

Symposium Program (html)

The "TV Guide" view of the Symposium, with all papers listed by time and day to help you navigate your way around the event.

Searchable Paper Abstract File
This downloadable Excel file allows you to search for paper abstracts based on paper number, first author, or title (see program files) and/or to filter by conference, session, and day or date. Clicking on the link automatically downloads the file.

Symposium Overview

The Electronic Imaging Symposium is more than just a series of collocated conferences. It is a series of intertwined imaging science events that allow attendees to expand their knowledge and networks. The conference technical programs are enhanced with:

  • Compelling symposium-wide Plenary Talks
  • Conference Keynotes and special sessions with prominent experts hosted within conferences
  • Access to full Imaging for XR program
  • Short Courses on a wide range of subjects taught by leading authorities from across the globe
  • Industry Exhibit showcasing electronic imaging products and services
  • Presentation of Society, Symposium, and conference awards
  • A "hands-on" Demonstration Session where authors and others show the hardware and/or software presented in papers
  • Opportunities for students to meet with interested industry representatives

The EI Conference Technical Sessions run January 22-25.

HIGHLIGHTS 2024 Session


Join us for a session that highlights the breadth of EI with short papers from EI Conferences selected by their Chairs. The full papers are given at other times in the program.

3DIA—3D Imaging and Applications
Extending Lidar Depth Range Using Stereo Estimation on Intensity Data, Filip Taneski1, Tarek Al Abbas2, and Robert Henderson1; 1University of Edinburgh and 2Ouster, Inc. (UK)  (3DIA-102) [talk: Monday 9:30 AM]

AVM—Autonomous Vehicles and Machines
Evaluation of Signal and Noise Metrics of High Dynamic Range Image Sensors by IEEE P2020 Methodology, Orit Skorka1, Paul Romanczyk2, Norman Koren2, Jonathan Phillips2, and Radu Ispasoiu1; 1onsemi and 2Imatest (US)  (AVM-107)  [talk: Monday 10:40 AM, with IQSP]

COLOR—Color Imaging: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
JIST-first: Spatio-Temporal Retinex-Inspired Envelopes with Anisotropic Diffusion, Peter Sagvold, Ivar Farup, and Marius Pedersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)  (COLOR-172)  [talk: Wednesday 3:50 PM]

CVAA—Computer Vision and Image Analysis of Art
Distant Viewing Light Analysis of Figurative Paintings Using Spherical Harmonics, Pepe Ballesteros, Zapata University of Zurich (Switzerland); Dario Negueruela del Castillo, University of Zurich (Switzerland); and Leonardo Impett, University of Cambridge (UK)  (CVAA-174) [talk: Tuesday 4:10 PM]

ERVR—Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality
Real-time Stereoscopic Image-parallel Path Tracing, Erwan Leria, Markku Mäkitalo, and Pekka Jääskeläinen, Tampere University (Finland)  (ERVR-181) [talk: Wednesday 4:10 PM, with SD&A]

HPCI—High Performance Computing for Imaging
JIST-first: Digital Modeling on Large Kernel Metamaterial Neural Network, Quan Liu1, Hanyu Zheng1, Brandon T. Swartz1, Ho Hin Lee1, Zuhayr Asad1, Ivan Kravchenko2; Jason G. Valentine1, and Yuankai Huo1; 1Vanderbilt University and 2Oak Ridge National Laboratory (US)  (HPCI-194) [talk: Wednesday 9:50 AM]

HVEI—Human Vision and Electronic Imaging
Spatiotemporal Contrast Sensitivity Functions: Predictions for the Critical Flicker Frequency, Ali Bozorgian, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), and Maliha Ashraf and Rafal Mantiuk, University of Cambridge (UK)  (HVEI-209) [talk: Tuesday 9:50 AM]

IMAGE—Imaging and Multimedia Analytics at the Edge
Adapt to Distill or Distill to Adapt, Georgi Thomas and Andreas Savakis, Rochester Institute of Technology (US)  (IMAGE-238) [talk: Tuesday 11:20 AM, with MOBMU]

IRIACV—Intelligent Robotics and Industrial Applications Using Computer Vision
Mobile 3D Mapping of Erdstall Facilities, Raimund Edlinger and Kurt Niel, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and Josef Weichenberger, Erdstallforschung (Austria)  (IRIACV-279)  [talk: Wednesday 11:40 AM, with AVM]

IQSP—Image Quality and System Performance
Assessment of Dynamic Range and Noise in a Natural-scene Image, Seungwan Jeon, En-Ji Young, DongOh Kim, DongYoung Song, KiChul Park, Sung-Su Kim, and Yitae Kim, Samsung Electronics (Republic of Korea)  (IQSP-274) [talk: Thursday 11:00 AM]

ISS—Imaging Sensors and Systems
Joint Design of Camera Spectral Sensitivity and Color Correction Matrix with Noise Consideration, Xinyue Yu, Masayuki Tanaka, Yusuke Monno, and Masatoshi Okutomi, Tokyo Institute of  Technology (Japan)  (ISS-286) [talk: Wednesday 11:40 AM]

MWSF—Media Watermarking, Security, and Forensics
Affine Transform Recovery via Convolutional Neural Networks for Watermark Synchronization, Dimitris G. Chachlakis, Mohamed Yousuf, and Tomas Filler, Digimarc Corporation (US)  (MWSF-329) [talk: Monday 8:50 AM]

SD&A—Stereoscopic Displays and Applications
The Effect of Stereoscopic Depth Distortion on the Near Oculomotor Response, Eric Seemiller1, Eleanor O'Keefe2, and Marc Winterbottom1; 1Air Force Research Laboratory and 2KBR (US)  (SDA-349) [talk: Wednesday 8:50 AM]

VDA—Visualization and Data Analysis
Interactive Media Planning Data Visualization, Marina Ljubojevic and Mihai Mitrea, Institut Mines-Telecom (France) (VDA-361) [talk: Wednesday 12:00 PM]

Free Movie on Art + Science

Join us for this special free screening of this recently-released, award-winning documentary.

Monday at 6:00 PM, Grand Peninsula D


Márton Orosz’s documentary film is the first comprehensive assessment of György Kepes’s animated life, which introduces him not only as a shapeshifter of modernism but also as a polymath and visionary thinker whose legacy and faith in “optical democracy” grants him a pioneering role in the history of the Art and Technology Movement.

View Trailer

Read Review of the film

The movie will be followed by a panel discussion with the director and others involved in the production of the film.


2024 Friends of HVEI Banquet

a gathering for researchers at the intersection of human perception and imaging technology

download details

hosted by Human Vision and Electronic Imaging Conference Chairs Damon Chandler and Rafal Mantiuk
with support from META, Netflix, and Qualcomm

Wednesday, January 24, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Max’s of Burlingame,
across the street from the Hyatt Regency SFO

featuring a talk by Thrasos Pappas, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University on
Generative Adversarial Networks for Visual Texture Modeling: Myths and Prospects

Cost of the banquet is $50/person and includes choice of appetizer, entrée, dessert, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and service charge. You will select your choices at the restaurant from a condensed menu that includes vegetarian and gluten-free options.

    — by credit card, online at (you may add to your existing registration), by 3:00 pm on Wednesday Jan 23
    — with cash (exact change), in person at the EI registration desk, by 5:30 PM on on Wednesday Jan 23

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