Journal-first submissions deadline
8 Aug
Priority submissions deadline 30 Jul
Final abstract submissions deadline 15 Oct
Manuscripts due for FastTrack publication
30 Nov

Early registration ends 31 Dec

Short Courses
11-14 Jan
Symposium begins
17 Jan
All proceedings manuscripts due
31 Jan
Bronze Level



Connect with innovation. Connect with peers. Connect with your future!

You're our future and we're innovating each year to better meet your needs!
Be part of a community that supports your professional growth—from increasing your knowledge and skill set to connecting you with potential employers.

Besides presenting a paper in one of our conferences, here are some opportunities for you to build your resume and meet people who can help you further your career.

#1 Apply to be part of the EI 2022 Meet the Future: A Showcase of Student and Young Professionals Research
  • Held throughout the Symposium, the Showcase allows those accepted to either 1. designate their Interactive (poster) presentation as part of the Showcase or 2. present a poster of work to complement an accepted oral presentation. 
  • During the showcase, you present your work to senior researchers and engineers in an interactive setting where you:
  • Get feedback on your thesis
  • Discuss your interests with potential employers
  • Augment your oral presentation with a longer Q&A

Apply to the Demonstration Session.
  • The Demonstration Session will happen during the EI technical program. The Demonstration Sessions allow EI authors to show off "material" supplemental to their paper in an "exhibit hall" atmosphere. Each accepted author is offered a complimentary Demonstration session during a specified time—assuming they apply by the deadline. Non-authors can also apply, but are charged a small fee. This is a great opportunity to show colleagues and potential employers what you can do!

#3 Apply for a Student Registration Grant.
  • Be one of the maximum 15 students awarded complementary registration to the symposium! Deadline is 15 September 2021. You need not submit a paper to EI to apply.

#4 Apply to be a Short Course Monitor
  • Monitors take courses for free in exchange for helping with the class. To take advantage of this, send an email to [email protected], with the subject line: Short Course Monitor Application and indicate which course(s) you are interested in.

#5 Attend the Women in EI Event
  • Join this annual gathering to discuss challenges with being a woman in the STEM arena.

#6 Help us organize a Student/YP Social Event
  • Help IS&T plan an event that allows Students and YPs to connect with each other. Contact [email protected], with the subject line: Student/YP Social Event and let us know about your suggestions for ways we can increase interaction with your cohorts.

#7 Get more involved with a conference or the Symposium! EI offers volunteer opportunities such as:
  • Reviewing papers
  • Chairing sessions
  • Organizing social events
  • Interested in getting more involved? contact [email protected], with the subject line: EI Volunteer and let us know about your interest

What you can expect at this year’s conference

  • More than 150 highly relevant sessions, spread across the 16 conferences, chaired by some of the industry’s top experts
  • Keynotes in each conference from thought leaders representing a wide range of emerging applications and opportunities for you to explore
  • Three symposium plenaries, presenting breakthrough technologies that are reshaping—not just the fields of imaging science—but the world
  • Short courses taught by the the innovators and fundamental science authors whose works you've read
  • EI 2022 reception, hands-on with product demonstrations and industry exhibits, one-on-one with authors, plenary and keynote speakers, and future colleagues

EI 2022 is the world’s leading global electronic imaging industry and academia event. Only here can you connect with the brightest, most engaged community in the world to will help you imagine your most creative future.

Submit your work to be a part of EI 2022. Register early to obtain the Early Registration rate. Note that this year student authors may apply for free registration.

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