Journal-first submissions deadline
8 Aug
Priority submissions deadline 30 Jul
Final abstract submissions deadline 15 Oct
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30 Nov

Early registration ends 31 Dec

Short Courses
11-14 Jan
Symposium begins
17 Jan
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31 Jan

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Join us live ONLINE for EI 2022!

Electronic Imaging 2022 will be held live ONLINE.

The program will include a variety of opportunities to interact with colleagues and presenters live, in formal and informal settings. IS&T is committed to providing the best online experience possible and supporting the community in light of travel/reimbursement restrictions. Check back for details in the coming weeks.

Accessing the Symposium

Access to the Symposium will be granted to those who register for the event. Registrants will receive information on how to access the online Symposium portal in addition to the in-person arrangements.

While attendees will be able to see all of the events held as part of the Symposium, for the in-person event and the online components, access to short courses will be limited to those who have paid for a class.

How an online component works

As with an in-person event, attendees enter different "rooms" to take a course, listen to a talk, view a poster or product demonstration, and visit the exhibit hall. We will use applications like Zoom, GoToTraining, and for courses, sessions, and social events. These applications allow you to see and hear other participants.

Participant Interaction

In addition to virtual Symposium-wide coffee breaks and discussion sessions, individual conferences may hold online social events. Applications like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and will allow attendees to see and talk with each other. In addition, you will be able to contact other participants directly via the conference portal.

Online Meeting Protocols

As with an in-person event, we expect that everyone will follow professional norms of conduct. Additionally, we will ask everyone to set their names on platforms like Zoom and GoToTraining to First/Given Name, Last/Family Name, and Affiliation, similar to the badge that you would wear at the in-person event.

Recording of Courses and Session

By attending EI2022 you are granting permission to have your likeness, talk, oral comments, and/or chat recorded and possibly posted online for all attendee access. All talks and courses will be recorded and shared with other attendees. Some talks may be posted to the EI YouTube channel. Some courses may be made available to non-attendees via online course purchases.

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