Books on Imaging Systems

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Basic Color Science and Imaging, the Hunt Course (DVD)
Dr. Robert W.G. Hunt79.0099.00More DetailHUNT_DVDVTUT
Color Imaging: Fundamentals and Applications
Erik Reinhard, Erum Arif Khan, Ahmet Oguz Akyüz, and Garrett Johnson110.00120.00More DetailOP_REINHARDCIFAOTH
Colour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems
Michael S. Tooms100.00110.00More DetailOP_TOOMS_CREISOTH
Digital Color Imaging Handbook
Gaurav Sharma160.00170.00More DetailOP_Sharma_DCIOTH
Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions, Second Edition
Edward J. Giorgiani and Thomas E. Madden, Authors95.00115.00More DetailOP_GIORGIAN_DC2OTH
Handbook of Image Quality
Brian W. Keelan220.00230.00More DetailOP_Keelan_HIQOTH
High Dynamic Range Imaging (2e)
Eric Reinhard, Greg Ward, Sumanta Pattanaik,Paul Debevec, Wolfgang Heidrich, and Karol Myszkowski88.0093.00More DetailOP_Reinh_HDR2OTH
Imaging Processes and Materials: Neblette’s Eighth Edition
John Sturge, Vivian Walworth, and Allan Shepp, Editors120.00130.00More DetailOP_NebletteOTH
IS&T's Handbook of Photographic Science and Engineering (CD)
Charles Noel Proudfoot, Editor25.0025.00More DetailHANDBOOKCDHIST
IS&T's Handbook of Photographic Science and Engineering
Charles Noel Proudfoot, Editor25.0025.00More DetailHANDBOOKHIST
Panoramic Imaging, Sensor-Line Cameras & Laser Range Finders
Fay Huang, Reinhard Klette, and Karsten Schreibe70.0070.00More DetailOP_HUANG_PIOTH
Polarized Light in Liquid Crystals and Polymers
Toralf Scharf90.00100.00More DetailOP_SCHARFPLOTH
Psychometric Scaling: A Toolkit for Imaging Sys. Development
Peter G. Engeldrum80.0090.00More DetailOP_Engeldrum_PSOTH
Recent Progress in Color Management and Communications
Robert Buckley, Editor; Series Editor: Reiner Eschbach25.0025.00More DetailRP_CMGTRP
Recent Progress in Color Science
Karen Braun and Reiner Eschbach, Editors25.0025.00More DetailRP_CSCIRP
The JPEG 2000 Suite
Peter Schelkens, Editor; Athanassios Skodras, Co-Editor; and Touradj Ebrahimi, Co-Editor90.0090.00More DetailOP_SCHELK_JPEGOTH
The Reproduction of Colour Sixth Edition
R.W.G. Hunt120.00135.00More DetailOP_Hunt_RCOTH
The Science of Imaging (2e)
Graham Saxby60.0065.00More DetailOP_Saxby_SI2OTH
Understanding Color Management, 2nd Edition
Abhay Sharma85.0085.00More DetailOP_Sharma_UCM2OTH