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ISO 20462-3 Standard Reference Stimuli (SRS) Prints215.00215.00More DetailSTD20462_3REFSTANDARDS
ISO 20462-3 Digital Reference Stimuli (DRS) Softcopy215.00215.00More DetailSTD20462_3DGSTANDARDS

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PIMA 7667:2001 e-sRGB Legacy Standard
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The following legacy standards are available by contacting  IS&T orders.

Legacy IS&T IT10.2000 Standard: Digital Still Cameras – JPEG 2000 DSC Profile

This document specifies a profile of JPEG 2000 suitable for use in digital still cameras (DSC profile). The profile specifies the following items:
  • Decoder/Reader conformance requirements for software and hardware devices (including the camera itself) that read images captured on JPEG-2000-based digital still cameras (DSC). This includes both codestream and file format requirements.
  • Encoder/Writer conformance requirements for the files created by digital still cameras. This includes both codestream and file format requirements, and specifies:
    • Required file format
    • Metadata format and required/recommended metadata fields
    • Supported colorspaces
    • Storage of audio annotations

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Legacy IS&T IT10.7000 Standard: Digital Still Cameras – Guidelines for Reporting Pixel-Related Specifications

This standard specifies guidelines for reporting pixel-related specifications (e.g., the number of camera pixels) of a digital still camera, for the purposes of camera labeling, camera packaging, advertising, and the like. It is applicable to monochrome and color digital still cameras using one or more image sensors.

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