Color Imaging Conference Proceedings

CIC is the premier annual technical gathering for scientists, technologists, and engineers working in the areas of color science and systems, and their application to color imaging. Participants represent disciplines ranging from psychophysics, optical physics, image processing, color science to graphic arts, systems engineering, and hardware and software development. While a broad mix of professional interests is the hallmark of these conferences, the focus is color.

Hard copy and/or USB versions of the proceedings may be purchased as noted below. All proceedings are also available via the IS&T Digital Library/CIC.
TitleMembersNon-MembersMore Detail
Twenty Seventh Color and Imaging Conference170.00180.00More DetailCIC2019COIM
Twenty Sixth Color and Imaging Conference170.00180.00More DetailCIC2018COIM
Twenty Fifth Color and Imaging Conference170.00180.00More DetailCIC2017COIM
Twenty Fourth Color and Imaging Conference165.00175.00More DetailCIC2016COIM
Twenty Third Color and Imaging Conference165.00175.00More DetailCIC2015COIM
Twenty Second Color and Imaging Conference160.00170.00More DetailCIC2014COIM
Twenty First Color and Imaging Conference160.00170.00More DetailCIC2013COIM
Twentieth Color and Imaging Conference175.00185.00More DetailCIC2012COIM
Nineteeth Color and Imaging Conference160.00175.00More DetailCIC2011COIM
Eighteenth Color and Imaging Conference160.00175.00More DetailCIC2010COIM
Seventeenth Color Imaging Conference95.00115.00More DetailCIC2009COIM
Sixteenth Color Imaging Conference95.00115.00More DetailCIC2008COIM
Fifteenth Color Imaging Conference70.0090.00More DetailCIC2007COIM
Fourteenth Color Imaging Conference (CD)50.0050.00More DetailCIC2006_CDCOIM
Fourteenth Color Imaging Conference50.0050.00More DetailCIC2006COIM
Thirteenth Color Imaging Conference50.0050.00More DetailCIC2005COIM
Twelfth Color Imaging Conference50.0050.00More DetailCIC2004COIM
Eleventh Color Imaging Conference50.0050.00More DetailCIC2003COIM
Ninth Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC2001COIM
Seventh Color Imaging Conference (CD)10.0010.00More DetailCIC1999CDCOIM
Seventh Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC1999COIM
Sixth Color Imaging Conference (CD)10.0010.00More DetailCIC1998CDCOIM
Sixth Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC1998COIM
Fifth Color Imaging Conference (CD)10.0010.00More DetailCIC1997CDCOIM
Fifth Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC1997COIM
Fourth Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC1996COIM
Second Color Imaging Conference10.0010.00More DetailCIC1994COIM
10-Years of CIC Proceedings (CD-ROM)50.0060.00More DetailCIC10YRCDCOIM