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A Week to Expand Knowledge and Networks

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Papers and Conference Events Schedule by Day/Time

The Electronic Imaging Symposium is more than just a series of collocated conferences. It is a collection of related imaging science talks and events that allow attendees to expand their knowledge and networks.

The conference technical programs are enhanced with compelling symposium-wide Plenary talks, conference keynotes and special sessions with prominent experts, an industry exhibition, a "hands-on" Demonstration Session showing the hardware and/or software presented in papers, and the SD&A 3D Theatre showcasing examples of the best international stereoscopic productions. 

To help plan your time at EI, view all the talks happening concurrently at EI below. To customize your schedule at EI, you can download the program in .xlsx format and highlight, hide, and/or delete from the list.

Last updated January 13.  For final version, see the relevant conference.

Monday 16 January

KEYNOTE: Advanced neutron imaging (Strobl) COIMG-129 Market Street

Style transfer for improved visualization of underdrawings and ghost paintings: An application to a work by Vincent van Gogh (Bourached) CVAA-209 Mission II/III

KEYNOTE: Small data, big insights (Bala) IMAGE-264 Balboa

Evaluating the angular resolution of a simulated light field display in regards to three-dimensionality, motion parallax and viewing experience (Kergaßner) SD&A-383 Cyril Magnin II

Recovering lost artworks by deep neural networks: Motivations, methodology, and proof-of-concept simulations (Eriksson) CVAA-210 Mission II/III

INVITED: HPC+AI-enabled real-time nanoscale x-ray imaging (Cherukara) HPCI-227 Mason

INVITED: Subjective image quality: Beauty and the Beast in human vision (Nyman) IQSP-450 Cyril Magnin III

Measurement of color difference in plastic parts of automobile using color sensor and robot arm (Kang) IRIACV-320 Cyril Magnin I

CubicSpace for stereo cards: Enabling universal 3D playback on today's display devices (Routhier) SD&A-384 Cyril Magnin II

Material decomposition in neutron time-of-flight radiography (Balke) COIMG-130 Market Street

Computational tracking of head pose through 500 years of fine-art portraiture (Chou) CVAA-211 Mission II/III

Connecting images and AR content using CLIP embedding (Liu) IMAGE-265 Balboa

Tire defect detection with limited annotation (Ho) IRIACV-321 Cyril Magnin I

Upgrading the Curtin HIVE’s stereoscopic projection facilities (Woods) SD&A-385 Cyril Magnin II

Artificial intelligence-driven hyperspectral neutron computed tomography (HSnCT) systems (Tang) COIMG-131 Market Street

Physics guided machine learning for image-based material decomposition of tissues from simulated breast models with calcifications (Gopalakrishnan Meena) HPCI-228 Mason

INVITED: Displays and lighting: What do they have in common? (Heynderickx) IQSP-451 Cyril Magnin III

A computer vision-aided analysis of facial similarities in Song dynasty imperial portraits (Zhong) CVAA-212 Mission II/III

INVITED: Artificial intelligence and general data protection regulation (GDPR) – a contradiction in terms? (Fageth) IMAGE-266 Balboa

Enabling turnkey multiscale imaging/tomography of advanced materials with powerful and intuitive software (Brügger) COIMG-132 Market Street

WearMask: Fast in-browser face mask detection with serverless edge computing for COVID-19 (Wang) HPCI-229 Mason

INVITED: The revolutionary advancement of camera phone image quality (Phillips) IQSP-452 Cyril Magnin III

Characterization of irradiated nuclear transmutation fuel with neutron resonance imaging at LANSCE (Vogel) COIMG-133 Market Street

INVITED: High-performance ptychographic reconstruction using GPUs (Bicer) HPCI-230 Mason

INVITED: Harnessing the power of pixels to assess dietary intake (Zhu) IMAGE-267 Balboa

3D joist perception, detection, and climbing for hexapod robots (Li) IRIACV-323 Cyril Magnin I

KEYNOTE: The long-awaited arrival of holographic interfaces (Frayne) SD&A-386 Cyril Magnin II

Advanced neutron imaging techniques at FRM II (Losko) COIMG-134 Market Street

INVITED: Pseudocolor visualizations of light patterns on retinal receptors after glare (McCann) COLOR-183 Mission II/III

INVITED: 23 years of ISO 12233 resolution measurement (Wueller) IQSP-453 Cyril Magnin III

Terrain segmentation for commercial vehicles and working machines (Edlinger) IRIACV-324 Cyril Magnin I

INVITED: Image gradient decomposition for parallel and memory-efficient ptychographic reconstruction (Wang) HPCI-231 Mason

Conditional synthetic food image generation (Fu) IMAGE-268 Balboa

INVITED: Measuring camera information capacity with slanted-edges (Koren) IQSP-454 Cyril Magnin III

Assessment of imaging properties of scintillators at FP60R for neutron imaging applications (Haque) COIMG-135 Market Street

INVITED: From BxU to integrated information capacity, a brief history of MTF based KPIs at DXOMARK (Chanas) IQSP-455 Cyril Magnin III

Visual odometry and mapping using a thermal vision system in poor vision conditions (Edlinger) IRIACV-325 Cyril Magnin I

Unsupervised visual representation learning on food images (Peng) IMAGE-269 Balboa

INVITED: Limits of MTF in practice (Braun) IQSP-456 Cyril Magnin III

In-situ thermal neutron imaging of roots in soil at LSU Pennington Lab (Butler) COIMG-136 Market Street

Color blindness and modern board games (Rizzi) COLOR-184 Mission II/III

AI-assisted automated workflow for real-time x-ray ptychography data analysis via federated resources (V Babu) HPCI-232 Mason

Automated dataset collection pipeline for lip motion authentication (Torrie) IRIACV-326 Cyril Magnin I

JIST-FIRST: Estimation of motion sickness in automated vehicles using stereoscopic visual simulation (Banchi) SD&A-387 Cyril Magnin II

PANEL: Watch What You Eat: Panel on Food/Health from the perspective of AI and Privacy PANEL Market Street

LSU and MIT reactor collaboration - Simultaneous X-ray/neutron imaging for energy, materials, and ecosystem applications (Butler) COIMG-137 Market Street

Testing the role of vision spatial processing in color deficiency (Plutino) COLOR-185 Mission II/III

Comparing the transfer of identity across a racial transformation (Lee) IRIACV-327 Cyril Magnin I

PLENARY: Neural Operators for Solving PDEs (Anandkumar) Plenary Cyril Magnin I/II/III
  Highlights from EI2023  EI2023 Highlights Cyril Magnin II 

KEYNOTE: Computational phase imaging (Waller) COIMG-138 Market Street

Heterochromatic brightness matching experiments to evaluate brightness prediction model including Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect (Seong) COLOR-186 Mission II/III

INVITED: Learn spatio-temporal downsampling for effective video upscaling (Xiang) IMAGE-270 Balboa

Image demosaicing: Subjective analysis and evaluation of image quality metrics (Ahmed) IQSP-301 Cyril Magnin III

HyperspectrACE: A human vision inspired hyperspectral color and contrast adjustment (Sarti) COLOR-187 Mission II/III

Age-specific perceptual image quality assessment (Wang) IQSP-302 Cyril Magnin III

Movie character re-identification by agglomerative clustering of deep features (Ducros) IMAGE-271 Balboa

I can see clearly now: Sub-diffraction limit synthetic aperture lidar (Allen) COIMG-139 Market Street

Spatiochromatic natural image statistics modelling: Applications from display analysis to neural networks (Daly) COLOR-188 Mission II/III

A method for evaluating camera auto-focusing performance using a transparent display device (Jeon) IQSP-303 Cyril Magnin III

Light-weight recurrent network for real-time video super-resolution (Wang) IMAGE-272 Balboa

The role of phase retrieval for imaging and beam forming through turbulence (Schulz) COIMG-140 Market Street

INVITED: Lessons from research in color science on the bleeding edge (Beretta) COLOR-189 Mission II/III

Evaluation of the reliability of subjective scores for 360 image quality assessment (dos Santos Althoff) IQSP-304 Cyril Magnin III

Depth assisted portrait video background blurring (Shen) IMAGE-273 Balboa

EI 2023 All-Conference Welcome Reception
Cyril Magnin Foyer

SD&A Conference 3D Theater
Cyril Magnin II
Tuesday 17 January

Neutron Bragg-edge/dip imaging with least squares method and machine learning (Sato) COIMG-141 Market Street

KEYNOTE: Reducing the barriers to high performance imaging (Bouman) HPCI-233 Mason

KEYNOTE: Multi-scale representations for human pose estimation: Advances and applications (Savakis) IMAGE-274 Balboa

A review of the VR workshop at the Grand Challenge 2022 (Sommer) SD&A-388 Cyril Magnin II

Synthetic speech attribution using self-supervised audio spectrogram transformer (Yadav) MWSF-372 Mission I

KEYNOTE: Bringing joy to Netflix members through perceptual encoding optimization (Aaron) HVEI-258 Cyril Magnin III

Compound Eye: Dense, accurate 3D perception using cameras (Devitt) AVM-120 Cyril Magnin I

Extending neutron imaging capabilities at the National Ignition Facility (Durocher) COIMG-142 Market Street

Influence of fluorescence on the color prediction of translucent samples of dental resin composites (Duveiller) COLOR-190 Mission II/III

Simulation and design of a burst mode 20Mfps global shutter high conversion gain CMOS image sensor in a standard 180nm CMOS image sensor process using sequential transfer gates (Yue) ISS-328 Powell I/II

Use of a multi-display, mobile 2D / 3D video wall in surgical operating theatres (Ilgner) SD&A-389 Cyril Magnin II

Audio captcha breaking and consequences for human users (Steinebach) MWSF-373 Mission I

Single photon vision for improved safety and autonomy (Swedish) AVM-121 Cyril Magnin I

Event mode data collection for neutron imaging applications (Losko) COIMG-143 Market Street

Can image cues explain the impact of translucency on perceived gloss? (Gigilashvili) COLOR-191 Mission II/III

Robust hand hygiene monitoring for food safety using hand images (Ju) IMAGE-275 Balboa

A self-powered asynchronous image sensor with independent in-pixel harvesting and sensing operations (Gomez-Merchan) ISS-329 Powell I/II

Investigating the use of spectacle lenses to alleviate vergence-accommodation mismatch in a stereoscopic remote vision system (O'Keefe) SD&A-390 Cyril Magnin II

How much depth information can radar contribute to a depth estimation model? (Lo) AVM-122 Cyril Magnin I

Recent developments on diffraction-based and polarized neutron imaging modalities (Schmidt) COIMG-144 Market Street

A cross-polarization as a possible cause for color shift in illumination (Abu Haila) COLOR-192 Mission II/III

INVITED: High-performance embedded imaging: An optics, sensor, and computing co-design approach (Zhu) HPCI-234 Mason

Evaluating the efficacy of skincare product: A realistic short-term facial pore simulation (Li) IMAGE-276 Balboa

Highly sensitive mutual-capacitive fingerprint sensor with reference electrode (Yang) ISS-330 Powell I/II

Cost polarization by dequantizing for JPEG steganography (Kaziakhmedov) MWSF-374 Mission I

Observed optical resolution of light field display: Empirical and simulation results (Miyanishi) SD&A-391 Cyril Magnin II

Industry Exhibition
Cyril Magnin Foyer

Image color-based preset light matching algorithm for an electric vitrine (Kim) COLOR-193 Mission II/III

Update on progress of IEEE P2020 Automotive Image Quality Working Group (The IEEE P2020 Working Group) AVM-123 Cyril Magnin I

Strain tomography using neutrons (Wensrich) COIMG-145 Market Street

INVITED: A system for large-scale inverse multiple-scattering imaging on GPU supercomputers with real data (Hidayetoglu) HPCI-235 Mason

Video quality of video professionals for Video Assisted Referee (VAR) (Brunnström) HVEI-259 Cyril Magnin III

AI technology for aquatic and nautical search and rescue (TANSAR) (Aspiras) IMAGE-277 Balboa

KEYNOTE: Metaphotonic routers for solid-state imaging: Making every photon count (Catrysse) ISS-331 Powell I/II

KEYNOTE: Human performance using stereo 3D in a helmet mounted display and association with individual stereo acuity (Posselt) SD&A-224 Cyril Magnin II

Predicting positions of flipped bits in robust image hashes (Steinebach) MWSF-375 Mission I

An investigation into the impact of image compression on image quality prior to image signal processing (Cahill) AVM-124 Cyril Magnin I

Data processing for non-destructive studies of material properties through energy resolved neutron imaging (Tremsin) COIMG-146 Market Street

Active learning approaches to analysis of thin-film printed sensors for determining nitrate levels in soil (Wang) COLOR-194 Mission II/III

User perception for dynamic video resolution change using VVC (Deshpande) HVEI-260 Cyril Magnin III

Wearable spectrum imaging and telemetry at edge (Cai) IMAGE-278 Balboa

Modulation-transfer function as performance indicator for AI algorithms? (Müller) AVM-125 Cyril Magnin I

INVITED: Fast massively parallel physics-based algorithm for modeling multi-order scatter in CT (Sridhar) HPCI-236 Mason

LECA: A learned approach for efficient cover-agnostic watermarking (Luo) MWSF-376 Mission I

Neutron imaging at LANSCE: Characterizing materials for the next generation of nuclear reactor designs (Long) COIMG-148 Market Street

Simulation and estimation of printer media velocity variation (Zhang) COLOR-195 Mission II/III

Eidetic recognition of cattle using keypoint alignment (Ramesh) IMAGE-279 Balboa

Proposing more ecologically-valid experiment protocol using YouTube platform (Wielgus) IQSP-261 Cyril Magnin III

INVITED: DiffuserCam: Multi-dimensional lensless imaging (Waller) ISS-332 Powell I/II

The influence of image capture and processing on MTF for end of line test and validation (Deegan) AVM-126 Cyril Magnin I

Privacy preserving leak detection in peer-to-peer communication (Heeger) MWSF-377 Mission I

Analysis of food crystal images (Liang) COLOR-196 Mission II/III

Clinical validation of rapid GPU-enabled DTI tractography of the brain (Liu) HPCI-237 Mason

Challenges and constraints when applying few shot learning to a real-world scenario: In-the-wild camera-trap species classification (Chen) IMAGE-280 Balboa

Evaluation of motion blur image quality in video frame interpolation (Dinh) IQSP-262 Cyril Magnin III

JIST-FIRST: Wide-viewing-zone light-field capturing using Turtleback convex reflector (Yano) ISS-333 Powell I/II

Incidence of stereo-blindness in a recent VR distance perception user study (Wiebrands) SD&A-225 Cyril Magnin II

Comprehensive stray light (flare) testing: Lessons learned (Knappen) AVM-127 Cyril Magnin I

Smartphone-enabled point-of-care blood hemoglobin testing with color accuracy-assisted spectral learning (Park) IMAGE-281 Balboa

Subjective video quality for 4K HDR-WCG content using a browser-based approach for “at-home” testing (Krasula) IQSP-263 Cyril Magnin III

Digital camera obscuras (Dietz) ISS-334 Powell I/II

Evaluating requirements for design education in a virtual studio environment (Sommer) SD&A-226 Cyril Magnin II

Optical flow for autonomous driving: applications, challenges and improvements (Shen) AVM-128 Cyril Magnin I

PLENARY: Embedded Gain Maps for Adaptive Display of High Dynamic Range Images (Chan & Hubel) Plenary Cyril Magnin I/II/III

Scatter ptychography (Brady) COIMG-150 Market Street

INVITED: Music and color and noise, with a splash of synaesthesia (Daly) COLOR-460 Mission II/III

INVITED: A view from the dark side (Rizzi) COLOR-461 Mission II/III

INVITED: What you see is what you get and beyond (Marcu) COLOR-462 Mission II/III

INVITED: Training end-to-end unrolled iterative neural networks for SPECT image reconstruction: A fast and memory efficient Julia toolbox (Li) HPCI-238 Mason

Modelling contrast sensitivity of discs (Ashraf) HVEI-246 Cyril Magnin I

Another look at SSIM image quality metric (Reznik) IQSP-305 Cyril Magnin III

INVITED: Panoramic Photoacoustic Computed Tomography (PACT): From small-animal wholebody imaging to human breast cancer diagnosis (Li) ISS-335 Powell I/II

Pros and cons of comparing and combining hand-crafted and neural network based DeepFake detection based on eye blinking behavior (Siegel) MWSF-378 Mission I

Display system sharpness modeling and requirement in VR and AR applications (Lu) ERVR-213 Cyril Magnin II

Diffractive optical networks & computational imaging without a computer (Ozcan) COIMG-151 Market Street

An intrinsic image network evaluated as a model of human lightness perception (Murray) HVEI-247 Cyril Magnin I

What are we looking at? An investigation on the use of deep learning models for image quality assessment (Nguyen) IQSP-306 Cyril Magnin III

JIST-FIRST: Array camera image fusion using physics-aware transformers (Huang) ISS-336 Powell I/II

Human-in-control and quality assurance aspects for a benchmarking framework for DeepFake detection models based on hand-crafted and learned feature spaces (Krätzer) MWSF-379 Mission I

INVITED: Fast GPU-based tomographic reconstruction with efficient data transfers between CPU, GPU, and NVMe SSDs (Nikitin) HPCI-239 Mason

Tangible extended reality with sensor fusion (Cai) ERVR-214 Cyril Magnin II

Computational microscopy of scattering samples (Chowdhury) COIMG-152 Market Street

Are unique hues defined by complementary color pairings rather than opponent processes? (Tyler) HVEI-248 Cyril Magnin I

A framework for the metrification of input image quality in deep networks (Psarrou) IQSP-307 Cyril Magnin III

JIST-FIRST: Self-supervised intensity-event stereo matching (Gu) ISS-337 Powell I/II

Detecting GAN-generated synthetic images using semantic inconsistencies (Samadi Vahdati) MWSF-380 Mission I

Exploring third orality in VR (Ryu) ERVR-215 Cyril Magnin II

Practical phase retrieval using double deep image priors (Zhuang) COIMG-153 Market Street

INVITED: Hierarchical communications for 3D image reconstruction with synchrotron light source and 24,576 GPUs (Hidayetoglu) HPCI-240 Mason

JPI-FIRST: Natural scene statistics and distance perception: ground surface and non-ground objects (Morin Duchesne) HVEI-249 Cyril Magnin I

Investigating pretrained self-supervised vision transformers for reference-based quality assessment. (De) IQSP-308 Cyril Magnin III

Improvement of a facial recognition system based on one shot camera (Houssou) ISS-340 Powell I/II

Immersion, presence and behavioral validity in virtual and augmented environments (Mestre) ERVR-216 Cyril Magnin II

Deepfake detection assisted by background matching (Steinebach) MWSF-381 Mission I

Synthetic wavelength imaging - Exploiting spectral diversity for absolute phase measurements through scattering scenes (Willomitzer) COIMG-154 Market Street
  DISCUSSION: Tuesday End of Day  HVEI Cyril Magnin I 

Evaluation of image quality metrics designed for DRI tasks with automotive cameras (Klein) IQSP-309 Cyril Magnin III

INVITED: High-performance image reconstruction on GPU-accelerated supercomputers (Chen) HPCI-241 Mason

Immersive security personnel training module for active shooter events (Sharma) ERVR-217 Cyril Magnin II

Commissioning the James Webb Space Telescope (Howard) COIMG-155 Market Street

Towards image-computable visual text quality metric with deep neural network (Zhang) IQSP-310 Cyril Magnin III

Mobile augmented reality system for object detection, alert, and safety (Sharma) ERVR-218 Cyril Magnin II

EI 2023 Symposium Demonstration Session
Cyril Magnin Foyer
Wednesday 18 January

Few-shot learning on point clouds for railroad segmentation (Fayjie) 3DIA-100 Powell I/II

KEYNOTE: Deep optics: Learning cameras and optical computing systems (Wetzstein) COIMG-177 Market Street

A tool for deriving camera spatial frequency response from natural scenes (NS-SFR) (van Zwanenberg) IQSP-311 Cyril Magnin III

Comparative study of various object detection sensors for an autonomous valet parking system with line tracking (Ghai) MOBMU-349 Balboa

Mesh distance for dimension reduction and visualization of numerical simulation data (Martin) VDA-392 Davidson

KEYNOTE: Display consideration for AR/VR systems (Ninan) HVEI-219 Cyril Magnin II

Appearance segmentation and documentation applied to cultural heritage surfaces (Saha) 3DIA-101 Powell I/II

Hue-preserving color enhancement under a cylindrical model without geometric deformation of the RGB color cube (Chen) COLOR-198 Mission II/III
  PANEL: High-Performance Computing in Imaging: from Academia to Industry  HCPI Mason 

Influence of the light source on the image sensor characterization according to EMVA 1288 (Kubina) IQSP-312 Cyril Magnin III

iPhone12 imagery in scene-referred computer graphics pipelines (Hasche) MOBMU-350 Balboa

Visualizing digital architectural data for heritage education (Brown) VDA-393 Davidson

Learned visual localization with camera pose refinement and verification based on differentiable renderer (Tsai) 3DIA-102 Powell I/II

Machine learning estimation of camera spectral sensitivity functions with non-RGB color filters (Sachs) COLOR-199 Mission II/III

Managing deviant data in spatial frequency response (SFR) measurement by outlier rejection (Burns) IQSP-313 Cyril Magnin III

Improving the performance of web-streaming by super-resolution upscaling techniques (Reznik) MOBMU-351 Balboa

FastPoints: A state-of-the-art point cloud renderer for Unity (Neuman-Donihue) VDA-394 Davidson

Computational photography on a smartphone (Polley) COIMG-178 Market Street

3D mesh saliency from local spiral hop descriptors (Lézoray) 3DIA-103 Powell I/II

Towards a colorimetric camera (Singh) COLOR-201 Mission II/III

Optimization of ISP parameters for low light conditions using a non-linear reference based approach (Alai) IQSP-314 Cyril Magnin III

Integrity and authenticity verification of printed documents by smartphones (Bugert) MOBMU-352 Balboa
  Industry Exhibition   Cyril Magnin Foyer 

Analog in-memory computing with multilevel RRAM for edge electronic imaging application (Ge) COIMG-179 Market Street

ViT based Covid-19 detection and classification from CXR images (Saeed) VDA-407 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Layered view synthesis for general images (Dehan) 3DIA-104 Powell I/II

INVITED: Processing of real time, bursty and high compute iToF data on the edge (Bamji) COIMG-180 Market Street

INVITED: TVM enabled automatic kernel generation for irregular GEMM optimization on ARM architectures (Wu) HPCI-242 Mason

INVITED: Comparison of AR and VR memory palace quality in second-language vocabulary acquisition (Tian) HVEI-220 Cyril Magnin II

Image quality performance of CMOS image sensor equipped with Nano Prism (Cha) IQSP-315 Cyril Magnin III

Evaluation and test of various tools for OSINT-based email investigation (Mhatre) MOBMU-353 Balboa

CPViz: Visualizing clinical pathways represented in higher-order networks (Chae) VDA-395 Davidson

DL-based floorplan generation from noisy point clouds (Liu) 3DIA-105 Powell I/II

tRANSAC: Dynamic feature accumulation across time for stable online RANSAC model estimation in automotive applications (Li) AVM-110 Cyril Magnin I

INVITED: A distributed on-sensor compute system in AR/VR devices and neural architecture search (NAS) framework for optimal workload distribution (Liu) COIMG-181 Market Street

INVITED: A career retrospective and lessons learned: From digital holography and digital halftoning to printed thin film sensors (Allebach) COLOR-202 Mission II/III

INVITED: Projection mapping for enhancing the perceived deliciousness of food (Fujimoto) HVEI-221 Cyril Magnin II

Noise quality estimation on portraits in realistic controlled scenarios (Chahine) IQSP-316 Cyril Magnin III

Importance of OSINT/SOCMINT for modern disaster management evaluation - Australia, Haiti, Japan (Mansoor) MOBMU-354 Balboa

Teaching color science to EECS students using interactive tutorials: Tools and lessons (Zhu) VDA-396 Davidson

A comparative evaluation of 3D geometries of scenes estimated using factor graph based disparity estimation algorithms (Shabanian) 3DIA-107 Powell I/II

Towards real-time formula driven dataset feed for large scale deep learning training (Martinez Noriega) HPCI-243 Mason

End-to-end evaluation of practical video analytics systems for face detection and recognition (Singh) AVM-111 Cyril Magnin I

Real-time imaging processing for low-vision users (Cai) HVEI-222 Cyril Magnin II

VCX – Version 2023 – The latest transparent and objective mobile phone test scheme (Artmann) IQSP-317 Cyril Magnin III

A 2.2um three-wafer stacked back side illuminated voltage domain global shutter CMOS image sensor (Fukuoka) ISS-182 Market Street

Practical OSINT investigation in Twitter utilizing AI-based aggressiveness analysis (Sklyar) MOBMU-355 Balboa

FCLWebVis: A flexible cross-language web-based data visualization framework (Phan) VDA-397 Davidson

Assistive mobile application for real-time 3D spatial audio soundscapes toward improving safe and independent navigation (Schwartz) 3DIA-108 Powell I/II

INVITED: Algorithmic enhancements to data colocation grid frameworks for big data medical image processing (Bao) HPCI-244 Mason

Orchestration of co-operative and adaptive multi-core deep learning engines (Mody) AVM-112 Cyril Magnin I

A lightweight exposure bracketing strategy for HDR imaging without access to camera raw (Li) COIMG-156 Market Street

Descreening of halftone images using generative adversarial network (Choi) COLOR-203 Mission II/III

Critical flicker frequency (CFF) at high luminance levels (Chapiro) HVEI-223 Cyril Magnin II

VCX – A transparent and objective test scheme for webcams (Artmann) IQSP-318 Cyril Magnin III

Practical OSINT investigation - Similarity calculation using Reddit user profile data (Vishnevskaya) MOBMU-356 Balboa

Multi-layer visualization for media planning (Ljubojevic) VDA-398 Davidson

3D nuclei segmentation for multicellular quantification for zebrafish embryo using NISNet3D (Li) 3DIA-109 Powell I/II

opTIFlow – An optimized end-to-end dataflow for accelerating deep learning workloads on heterogeneous SoCs (Jagannathan) AVM-113 Cyril Magnin I

Sparse x-ray phase contrast dark field tomography (Mulcahy-Stanislawczyk) COIMG-157 Market Street

Simulation of the impact of a coating layer on the appearance of various halftone patterns. (Dailliez) COLOR-204 Mission II/III

Bridging the gap between high-performance computing and high-performance imaging applications (Wahib) HPCI-245 Mason

A multichannel LED-based lighting approach to improve color discrimination for low vision people (Yang) HVEI-253 Cyril Magnin II

Improvement of the flare evaluation and applications in NIR (Souksava) IQSP-319 Cyril Magnin III

Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) investigation in Facebook (Kumar Narasimhan) MOBMU-357 Balboa

Computer-Supported Expert-Guided Experiential Learning-Based Tools for Healthcare Skills (Patel) VDA-399 Davidson

PLENARY: Bringing Vision Science to Electronic Imaging: The Pyramid of Visibility (Watson) PLENARY Cyril Magnin I/II/III

Simulation standards and their impact on the quantification of simulation quality (Dupuis) AVM-114 Cyril Magnin I

X-ray phase contrast imaging using apertures: From proof-of-concept experiments at synchrotrons to pre-commercial prototypes with conventional sources (Olivo) COIMG-162 Market Street

JIST-FIRST: Structure-aware color halftoning with adaptive sharpness control (Abedini) COLOR-205 Mission II/III
  PANEL: AR/VR Special Session  ERVR/HVEI Cyril Magnin II 

KEYNOTE: Event camera noise and denoising (Delbrück) ISS-341 Powell I/II

Mobile incident commanding dashboard (MIC-D) (Cai) MOBMU-358 Balboa

KEYNOTE: Deep learning for scientific data analysis and visualization (Wang) VDA-400 Davidson

KEYNOTE: Systematic data labeling at the point of ingestion in enterprise systems (Karapetyan) IPAS-284 Cyril Magnin III

Design and validation of a rain model for a realistic automotive simulation environment (Brophy) AVM-116 Cyril Magnin I

Deep regularization functions for coded-aperture design in computational imaging (Jacome) COIMG-163 Market Street

Effect of halftones on printing iridescent colors (Abedini) COLOR-206 Mission II/III

Performance evaluation of keyword detection for the chatbot model (Gunnam) MOBMU-359 Balboa

Simulating motion blur and exposure time and evaluating its effect on image quality and object detection performance. (Lin) AVM-117 Cyril Magnin I

CodEx: A modular framework for joint temporal de-blurring and tomographic reconstruction (Majee) COIMG-160 Market Street

JIST-FIRST: Three-dimensional adaptive digital halftoning (Gooran) COLOR-207 Mission II/III

Quantum efficiency of various miniaturized backside illuminated CMOS pixels under ultraviolet illumination (Fassi) ISS-342 Powell I/II

Comparative visualization for noise simulation data (Vugdelija) VDA-401 Davidson

ORCA: An end-to-end video object removal framework with cropping interested region and quality assessment (Son) IPAS-285 Cyril Magnin III

Designing scenes to quantify the performance of automotive perception systems (Liu) AVM-118 Cyril Magnin I

First use of coded-apertures for depth-resolved Laue diffraction (Gursoy) COIMG-158 Market Street

Dot profile model-based direct binary search (Mao) COLOR-208 Mission II/III

Color performance of 0.8 um CMOS image sensor with CMY color filters (Kuo) ISS-343 Powell I/II

VVAFER — Versatile visual analytics framework for exploration and research (Zeumer) VDA-402 Davidson

Detection of object throwing behavior in surveillance videos (Kersten) IPAS-286 Cyril Magnin III

Design of an automotive platform for computer vision research (Schörkhuber) AVM-119 Cyril Magnin I

Deep learning image reconstruction for Laue microdiffraction with coded-apertures (Yang) COIMG-159 Market Street
   DISCUSSION: Wednesday End of Joint Sessions  ERVR/HVEI  

Reset noise reduction method in 3-T pixels (Anagnost) ISS-344 Powell I/II

Visualizing and monitoring the process of injection molding (Steinparz) VDA-403 Davidson

Hybrid diffractive optics (DOE & refractive lens) for broadband EDoF imaging (MiriRostami) IPAS-287 Cyril Magnin III

Coded aperture fabrication for x-ray experiments at the Advanced Photon Source (Wojcik) COIMG-161 Market Street

BioChipVis: An information visualization interface for explainable biochip data classification (Craig) VDA-404 Davidson

Evaluating active learning for blind imbalanced domains (Kuwajima) IPAS-288 Cyril Magnin III
   EI 2023 Symposium Interactive Posters Session and Meet the Future: A Showcase of Student and Young Professionals Research    Cyril Magnin Foyer

Spectral recovery in a photograph with a hyperspectral color chart (Kwon) COIMG-164 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Lightweight single pass numerical reading extraction for displays in the wild (Chiou) IMAGE-282 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Robust tracking of industrial objects across environments from small samples in single environments using chroma-key and occlusion augmentations (Chiou) IMAGE-283 Cyril Magnin Foyer

DevCAM: An open-source multi-camera development system for embedded vision (Birlangi) ISS-345 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Development of DVS evaluation methods from user perspective (Kim) ISS-346 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Implementation of EMVA 1288 Standard Release 4.0 for Characterization of Image Sensors (Borek) ISS-347 Cyril Magnin Foyer

On quantization of convolutional neural networks for image signal processor (Seo) ISS-348 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Evaluation and test of various tools for OSINT Reddit investigation - Scenarios and use cases (Pandya) MOBMU-360 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Comparison of OSINT-based marketing tools for Pinterest (Rajolkar) MOBMU-361 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Evaluation and test of various tools for OSINT-based Snapchat investigation (Ramesh) MOBMU-362 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Improvement of vehicle accident detection using object tracking with U-Net (Arudpiragasam) MOBMU-363 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Generative adversarial network (GAN) and object tracking for vehicle accident detection (Arudpiragasam) MOBMU-364 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Multimodal approach for classifying road accident severity (Arudpiragasam) MOBMU-365 Cyril Magnin Foyer

An RF modulation recognition method using machine learning (Mundlamuri) MOBMU-366 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Flood prediction with deep learning (Gunnam) MOBMU-367 Cyril Magnin Foyer

A qualitative study of LiDAR technologies and their application areas (Jaster) MOBMU-368 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Survey into predictive maintenance analysis of photovoltaic systems (Creutzburg) MOBMU-369 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Evaluation and test of various tools for OSINT investigation in social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram (Schwarz) MOBMU-370 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Performance of keyword extraction tools (Nadim) MOBMU-371 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Making digital cameras less attractive targets for theft (Dietz) MWSF-382 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Case study on including ethics into introductory data visualization (Baynes) VDA-405 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Data and label graph fusion for semi-supervised learning data and label graph fusion for semi-supervised learning (Dornaika) IPAS-289 Cyril Magnin Foyer

MLExchange: An integrated platform for scientific machine learning (Hao) IPAS-290 Cyril Magnin Foyer

Next Generation Imaging-on-a-Chip Tech-Mixer Discussion (sponsored by Qualcomm) COIMG Market Street

BANQUET: 2023 Friends of HVEI and
KEYNOTE: How to let your pictures shine! The impact of high dynamic range imaging on photography (Kunkel)
Thursday 19 January

Imaging for XR Workshop XR Workshop Cyril Magnin I/II

Generative Adversarial Linear Discriminant Analysis (GALDA) for spectroscopy classification and imaging (Cao) COIMG-165 Market Street

Facial expression recognition using visual transformer with histogram of oriented gradients (Kim) IPAS-291 Cyril Magnin III

Multi-agent consensus equilibrium (MACE) in electronic structure calculations (Rong) COIMG-166 Market Street

Face expressions understanding by geometrical characterization of deep human faces representation (Raison) IPAS-292 Cyril Magnin III

Instrumentation and software development for parts-per-million characterization of pharmaceutical crystal forms using AF-PTIR microscopy (Razumtcev) COIMG-167 Market Street

Am I safe? An examination of how everyday people interpret covid data visualizations (Rogowitz) HVEI-251 Mission I/II

Crowd counting using deep learning based head detection (Hassan) IPAS-293 Cyril Magnin III

Multivariate curve resolution with autoencoders for CARS microspectroscopy (Boildieu) COIMG-168 Market Street

Biosensors for landing creative intent (Daly) HVEI-254 Mission I/II

BowTie Rasterization for extreme synthetic radiance image rendering (Burnett) COIMG-169 Market Street

Self-regulation of attentional stance facilitates induction of meditative states (Hartelius) HVEI-255 Mission I/II

KEYNOTE: Surprising vulnerability of neural networks: Recovering training and input data in federated learning and split computing (Molchanov) IPAS-294 Cyril Magnin III

Automatic parameter tuning for plug-and-play algorithms using generalized cross validation and Stein's unbiased risk estimation for linear inverse problems in computational imaging (Ekmekci) COIMG-170 Market Street

Spatial cognition training rapidly induces cortical plasticity in blind navigation (Likova) HVEI-256 Mission I/II

Ultrasound elasticity reconstruction with inaccurate forward model using integrated data-driven correction of data fidelity gradient (Mohammadi) COIMG-171 Market Street

Variability of macular ring reflection on blue reflectance (Sangani) HVEI-257 Mission I/II

JIST-FIRST: Exploring effects of colour and image quality in semantic segmentation (De) IPAS-295 Cyril Magnin III

A globally optimal fast-iterative linear maximum likelihood classifier (Pulakurthi) COIMG-172 Market Street

ILIAC: Efficient classification of degraded images using knowledge distillation with cutout data augmentation (Daultani) IPAS-296 Cyril Magnin III

Multimodal contrastive learning for unsupervised video representation learning (Hiremath) COIMG-173 Market Street

AInBody: Are you in shape? - An integrated deep learning model that tracks your body measurement (Lee) IPAS-297 Cyril Magnin III

Hyperspectral learning for mHealth hemodynamic imaging (Ji) COIMG-174 Market Street
  SFMOMA Museum Tour & Casual Dinner HVEI  Offsite -- Meet at Registration Desk 

Deep learning based speech emotion recognition for Parkinson patient (Khan) IPAS-298 Cyril Magnin III

Deep learning based image registration for 3D magnetic imaging at nanoscale (Banerjee) COIMG-175 Market Street

Blind denoising of dental X-ray images (Ponomarenko) IPAS-299 Cyril Magnin III

Automatic estimation of mucosal waves lateral peak sharpness – Modern approach (Zita) IPAS-300 Cyril Magnin III

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