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Submission Information / Critical Dates

Early Decision and Journal-first Submission Deadline:  (CLOSED)

Authors who submit by the Early Decision Submission Deadline will be notified by 1 October 2019 as to acceptance.

  • Authors choosing the JIST- or JPI-first submission option (details below) must submit a journal manuscript for review by this deadline.
  • Authors who require a VISA to enter the United States should submit during this period.
  • Authors who plan to prepare their EI Conference Proceedings paper to be available early for Fast Track should submit their abstract or draft for early decision. Fast Track allows your paper to be posted in the Digital Library prior to the start of the Symposium (more details below)
  • Early decision acceptance can improve the timing for obtaining budget support from within your sponsoring organization.

Regular Submission Deadline: (CLOSED)

 Authors who submit by the Regular Submission Deadlines will be notified as conference programs are finalized in the late fall. 
>>>Submit paper draft or abstract<<<

Accepted Submissions

Accepted works will be assigned to an oral presentation slot (typically 20 minutes) or to the Interactive (poster) Paper Presentation Session (presented during the 90-minute poster session).  NOTE: Interactive poster presenters may also be asked to give a short oral preview during a technical session depending on the conference. 

All EI authors are invited to participate in the Demonstration Session held on Tuesday evening. During the Demonstration Session, authors present "material" supplemental to their paper in an "exhibit hall" atmosphere. "Materials" presented may include hardware, software, physical items, integrated systems, etc. 

Templates and Copyright Agreement Forms

*Structured Abstract form is accepted by most conferences - see exceptions listed using Word Template.
†Draft papers using the Word Template are requested for abstract review by 
  • Computer Vision and Image Analysis of Art
  • Human Vision and Electronic Imaging
  • Imaging Sensors and Systems
  • Mobile Devices and Multimedia: Enabling Technologies, Algorithms, and Applications
Full papers are requested for review by: Visualization and Data Analysis.

Submission Options 

Proceedings Paper Option

Each EI conference has its own submission requirements, please refer to the individual conference calls and Conferences webpage for required review formats and topics of interest.

Use the template linked above for the required format, either a draft paper or an abstract. Convert your paper draft or abstract file to PDF for submission. Submit paper draft or abstract.

It is expected that authors will provide a signed IS&T standard copyright agreement with the final paper, which includes the possibility for a CC BY agreement.

You may also submit an abstract without selecting the conference and let the committee assign the abstract where it fits best. To do this, submit a 1000-word structured abstract (using the template, with optional figures). In the submission system, choose “Put my paper where it fits best” when asked to select the conference.

Presentation-only Option

Presentation-only submissions are typically by invitation or permission of the conference and are suitable for industry contributors restricted from submitting proceedings papers. Note that certain conferences do not accept presentation-only submissions. Check the EI2020 abstract submissions welcome page to review the list of conferences accepting presentation-only submissions. 

Journal-first Option (CLOSED)

Authors who wish to have their EI paper appear in and therefore be cited as a journal manuscript (vs. citation as a proceedings paper) may submit a complete, final manuscript-length paper (typically 8-12+ pages) of original work directly to the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (JIST) or Journal of Perceptual Imaging (JPI) by 15 July 2019. Papers submitted using this option progress through the journal peer-review process, with the additional requirement that, as the time to publication is shortened to accommodate the EI conference dates, the submissions must be publication-ready. Papers that require more than minor revisions are not accepted for publication in time for EI 2020. Note: Papers accepted for JIST- or JPI-first are presented as oral papers at EI and published as reprints in the conference proceedings. For more information: JIST-first Guidelines or JPI-first author guidelines.  

Submit JIST-first paper OR Submit JPI-first paper

Accepted Final Paper Deadlines

For those using the JIST-first or JPI-first options, revised papers incorporating changes requested by the editor and the peer-review comments must be submitted by 28 Oct 2019.

Final manuscripts for conference proceedings, typically 4-6 pages in length, are due either:
  • 25 November 2019 (Early publication via Fast Track, see below), or
  • 10 February 2020 (Post-conference proceedings publication)
Fast-tracked papers are posted prior to the Symposium on the IS&T Digital Library for access at the event. Post-symposium, paper are published within their conference proceedings volume after all the manuscripts have been submitted and the volume is complete.

Accepted Interactive Paper Presentation Guidelines

Authors accepted as an Interactive Paper Presenter, complete the steps above. Their manuscript is included in the conference proceedings. In addition, they will present their work during the Interactive Session on Wednesday evening are required to hang a Poster Paper of their research for viewing during the week and be available during the evening session to answer questions and engage in in-depth discussions with attendees about their work.

  • Poster materials must be designed to display on a 4 ft x 4 ft poster board. 
  • IS&T will provide the board and pins.
  • Posters are to be set up in advance. Timing details will be sent prior to the start of the Symposium at the onsite registration desk.

Author Obligations

Authors submitting to EI agree to the following

  • Submit your work for review in the format required by your chosen conference. Note that the JIST-first JPI-first options use the specific journal format. Submission equals authorization for IS&T to circulate the submission to conference committee members (or journal reviewers) for peer-review and/or selection purposes.
  • If your work is accepted, you are obligated to register and present your work at EI as scheduled. Publication is conditional on your presentation. Register at the required registration rate by the early registration deadline. At least one full (non-student) registration is required with each accepted paper or presentation. Authors accepted under the Journal-first option must register for the conference AND pay the journal publication charges. Reduced rates apply. See journal-first information for details.
  • Obtain funding for their registration fees, travel, and accommodations, independent of IS&T.
  • If you require a visa to travel to the US, choose the early decision submission option and complete the visa letter request form as soon as you are notified of acceptance.
  • Ensure that all clearances, including government and company clearance, have been obtained to present and publish the work. If you are a DoD contractor in the USA, allow at least 60 days for clearance.
  • Sign and submit the IS&T Copyright Agreement. Please note that accommodations are made for authors who need to sign creative commons copyright forms such as CC BY and other options.
  • Submit a full-length manuscript (typically 4-6 pages) for publication in the IS&T Digital Library by the stated deadlines.
  • Attend EI and give a high-quality presentation as scheduled in the technical program. Prior to the conference, carefully construct and practice your presentation to faithfully represent your work to other attendees. Be prepared to answer questions. about the work.

Commercial papers, papers with no new research/ development content, and papers where supporting data or a technical description cannot be given for proprietary reasons will not be accepted for presentation.

Important Dates
Call for Papers Announced 1 April 2019
Journal-first Submissions Due 15 Jul 2019
Abstract Submission Site Opens 1 May 2019
Review Abstracts Due (refer to For Authors page
· Early Decision Ends 15 Jul 2019
· Regular Submission Ends 30 Sept 2019
· Extended Submission Ends 14 Oct 2019
 Final Manuscript Deadlines  
 · Manuscripts for Fast Track 25 Nov 2019
 · All Manuscripts 10 Feb 2020
Registration Opens 5 Nov 2019
Early Registration Ends 7 Jan 2019
Hotel Reservation Deadline 10  Jan 2020
Conference Begins 26 Jan 2020