ISO/TC 42 Photography

Within the ISO framework, the technical committee, ISO/TC 42 Photography, holds responsibility for photographic imaging standards, including analog and digital image capture, and image print concerns. ISO/TC 42 standards address the capture, communication, and display of image content, the advancement and maintenance of analog and digital photographic imaging technologies, and the assessment and preservation of physical imaging materials; all practices essential to current and future applications of photography, and to our photographic heritage.

ISO/TC 42 Working Groups

Within the ISO organization, a working group (WG) or joint working group (JWG) is responsible for standards development in a specific technical area.

For ISO/TC 42, WG's include:

  • WG3 Sensitometry, image measurement and viewing
  • WG5 Physical properties and image permanence of photographic materials
  • WG6 Photographic chemicals and processing  
  • WG18 Electronic still picture imaging

In addition, ISO/TC 42 participates in numerous joint working groups with other ISO and IEC technical committees:

  • WG8 Photographic film and paper dimensions
  • WG17 Dental films  
  • JWG20 Digital camera color characterization
  • WG21 Density measurement
  • WG23 Extended color encoding
  • WG24 Viewing conditions for photography and graphic technology


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