IS&T IT Committees

The US TAG to ISO/TC 42 has delegated technical standards development responsibility to Imaging Technology (IT) Committees. Each IT Committee is focused on a defined subset of the ISO/TC 42 scope and is aligned with particular ISO/TC 42 working groups and joint working groups. The members of each IT Committee develop and vote on standards in the aligned ISO/TC 42 working groups and joint working groups.  

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IT9 - Image Permanence

Chairperson: Joe LaBarca, Pixel Preservation International
The scope of the IT9 Committee is the development of standards and recommended practices for physical properties, permanence behavior and the effect of environmental factors on imaging materials. Imaging materials include photographic film and paper, digital print media, image transfer materials, magnetic recording materials, electro-optical materials, and other materials. IT9’s scope includes a variety of digital output materials, such as inkjet prints on paper and other substrates.

IT9 members serve as experts and develop the USA opinion on ISO standards developed by ISO/TC 42/WG 5, WG 3, WG 8, and JWG 27. Working group ISO/TC 42/WG 5, Physical Properties and Image Permanence of Photographic Materials, develops the ISO 189XX series of standards on physical properties and permanence of imaging materials. Currently, the ISO/TC 42/WG 5 portfolio includes more than 40 standards, either published or in development.

Testing standards include:
  • Light stability
  • Ozone gas fading
  • Thermal stability (dark keeping)
  • Water resistance
  • Humidity fastness
  • Physical durability of photo books

IT9 meetings are held, as needed, to agree on US voting positions. Qualified organizations, companies, or individuals willing to actively participate in standards development related to image permanence are encouraged to join IT9.

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