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Registration Opens 14 Feb 2024
Early Registration Ends 31 March 2024
Conference Begins 9 April 2024



General Chair

Robert Kastler, MOMA (US)

Technical Program Chair

Carolina Gustafsson, Stiftelsen Föremålsvård i Kiruna (Sweden)

Short Course Chairs

Kristin Phelps, US Copyright Office (US)
Laura Ramsey, The Image Centre (Canada)

AV Chair

Alexandre Leão, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Past Chair

Sony George, NTNU (Norway)


Conference Sponsor


Cooperating Societies

Archiving 2024: Science • Sustainability • Security

On this page

About the Archiving Conference

Since 2004, Archiving has brought an international community of technical experts, managers, practitioners, and academics from cultural heritage institutions, universities, and commercial enterprises together to explore and discuss state-of-the-art imaging, digitization, preservation, and access for 2D, 3D, and AV materials, including documents, manuscripts, photographs, bound volumes, paintings, videos, and born-digital works.

The interdisciplinary focus of the conference creates a rich environment for information exchange. In addition to presenting the latest research results on digitization and curation, Archiving investigates new technologies, strategies, and policies, as well as reports on successful projects that can serve as benchmarks in the field and explores different platforms and ways of visualizing data, allowing for deeper connections with collections.

Archiving 2024 will take place in Washington, DC, April 9-12.


Authors are invited to submit abstracts for peer-review in technical areas related to 2D, 3D, and AV materials in, but not limited to:

Digitization / Imaging
  • New developments in digitization technologies and workflows
  • Advanced imaging techniques and image processing, e.g., multispectral imaging, 3D imaging, software
  • Large scale/mass digitization and workflow management systems
  • Quality assurance and control of digitization workflow, e.g., data, targets, software, automation, integration
Preservation / Archiving
  • Standards and guidelines for secure and sustainable preservation and archiving methods
  • Management of metadata, formats, specifications, and systems
  • Archival and preservation models and workflows
  • Techniques for analyzing and processing collections at scale

Access / Presentation
  • Dissemination/use of digitized/imaged materials, e.g., rights management, crowdsourcing, data mining, data visualization
  • Deep learning algorithms to improve search results; AI, machine learning, etc.
  • Data visualization and automated programming interface
  • Open access and open data strategies
  • Integration of linked open data and source solutions
Management and Assessment
  • Sustainability in archiving and digitization
  • Policies, strategies, plans, and risk management; repository assessment
  • Work models: adaptation and opportunities in a hybrid model
  • Remote collaboration and hybrid work

All papers presented at Archiving 2024 are published Open Access. LEARN MORE / SUBMIT

Papers from past Archiving conferences are published on the IS&T Digital Library/Archiving.

Learn More: Archiving Webinars

View the recordings of webinars recorded in 2020 and 2021 that introduce the conference and its themes. These informative presentations serve as an introduction to the topics and understanding the contents and importance of the papers presented at this meeting.

  • Digitization, Preservation, and Access: The Three Pillars of Cultural Heritage Archiving, Jeanine Nault, Smithsonian Institution  View Recording 
  • Digitizing for Cultural Heritage: Imaging, Standards, and Quality, Peter Burns, Burns Digital Imaging  View Recording
  • Designing Preservation, Responding to Collection and User Community Needs, David Walls, US Government Publishing Office View Recording 
  • Access: Mind the Gap, Ariela Netiv, Heritage Leiden View Recording  
  • Download Ariela Netiv's Mind the Gap Resource List
  • Imaging Choices: Practice, Settings, and Formats, Peter Burns, Burns Digital Imaging View Recording
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Workflows for Digitized and Born-Digital Materials, Kira Sobers and Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives  View Recording
  • Covering the Gamut of Spectral Imaging: Intro to In-depth, Fenella France, Library of Congress, and David R. Wyble, Avian Rochester LLC View Recording
  • OCR and Text Recognition: Workflows, Trends, and New Applications, Jack Maness, University of Denver;  Jamie Rogers, Florida International University; and Luis J. Villanueva, Smithsonian Institution View Recording

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