Image Engineering Innovation Award

Basis of Selection

The Image Engineering Innovation Award, sponsored by Image Engineering of Frechen, Germany, was first established in 2012. The award recognizes breakthrough innovations in digital imaging with an emphasis on, but not exclusive to, image capture devices.


Individuals, worldwide, who have made substantial contributions in the areas described. If the awards committee recommends, the award may be shared by partners or a small team of individuals or even split between a maximum of 3 independent inventions/inventors. Both inventors and inventions/technical innovations may be nominated. If the inventor(s) is not named within the nomination, the award subcommittee will determine the inventor(s) to be cited. The citation on the award shall mention the names of the inventor(s) as well as the technology for which the award is being given. Both members and non-members are eligible.

Frequency of Award

Not more than one per year.

Form of Award

An engraved award in the shape of a camera and a cash stipend of $1,000, both provided by Image Engineering, are given to recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 Andreas Velten
  • 2015 Javier Garcia-Montreal
  • 2015 Alex Kipman
  • 2015 Alexander Shpunt
  • 2015 Zeev Zalevsky
  • 2014 Takashi Aoki
  • 2014 Yoichi Iwasaki
  • 2014 Masahiro Suzuki
  • 2013 Ren Ng
  • 2013 Christian Perwass
  • 2013 Lennart Wietzke