HP Image Permanence Award

Basis of Selection

Established in 2006 and discontinued with the 2013 award, the HP Image Permanence Award recognized advances in colorant and print media materials that significantly increased permanence; advances in predictive science that increased the validity of permanence predictions or provided insight into optimal storage and usage conditions; and/or educational efforts that raised awareness of the effect of storage and usage conditions on permanence. The awardee was selected by a subcommittee comprised of three IS&T appointees and one appointee from the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC).


Individuals or a small team of individuals, worldwide, who have made contributions in the areas described.

Frequency of Award

Not more than one per year.

Form of Award

A clock with engraved plaque and $10,000 cash prize, both provided by Hewlett-Packard Company, are given to recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

  • 2013 Yoshihiko Shibahara
  • 2012 Alan Hodgson
  • 2011 Nora Kennedy
  • 2010 Martin Jürgens
  • 2009 Steven Puglia
  • 2008 Rita Hofmann-Sievert
  • 2007 James M. Reilly