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Print4Fab 2020

DTO – Direct to Object Inkjet System Integration

Course Number: SC10

DTO – Direct to Object Inkjet System Integration
Instructor: Paul McConville, Xerox Corp. 
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2:00 plus 15 minute break.  After the class, adjourn to Zoom to join the instructor and other students in a discussion of the class.
Course time: 
New York:
Wednesday 14 October 12: 45 - 13:00
Wednesday 14 October 17: 45 - 20:00
Thursday 15 October 01: 45 - 04:00

The course enables an attendee to:

  • Appreciate the challenges in DTO inkjet system integration.
  • Understand how printhead characteristics drive performance in DTO printing.
  • Understand some of the rules involved in image processing.
  • Understand the LED UV source requirements for DTO printing.
  • Understand the ink – substrate and ink –interactions to achieve good image quality and image durability.
  • Communicate inkjet system level requirements for DTO applications.

Intended Audience: scientists, engineers, and integrators interested in the challenges faced in DTO printing.

Course Description:
Direct to Object, DTO, inkjet system integration is the combination of inkjet technology plus large varying printhead to substrate gap printing conditions. Organized by the elements common in any inkjet system, we will identify and expound on the key areas of focus. For the purpose of this short course, the elements within an inkjet system are jetting quality, drop placement, image processing, and print process. The system output performance is defined by productivity, image quality, and image durability. The course primarily focuses on multi-pass printing but single pass printing challenges are highlighted along the way. In addition, the focus will be on LED UV curable inks.

Paul McConville is a principal scientist in the Xerox Corporation’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) responsible for inkjet system integration technology development including cut-sheet production Baltoro, Liquid Metal Jetting, and several packaging initiatives. McConville received his PhD in experimental physics from Michigan State University (1995) and is the recipient of the Sherwood K. Haynes Outstanding Graduate award. While at Xerox, he has received several awards including the Anne Mulcahy Inventor Award and currently has more than 135 granted patents.

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10/14/2020 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM
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