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Author Deadlines
Call for Paper Submissions
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) 15 Jan
» Conference
31 March
Acceptance Notification
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) by 21 April
» Conference by 28 April
Final Manuscripts Due
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) 10 May
» Conference 14 May

Program Deadlines
Registration Opens mid-April
Early Registration Ends 26 May
Attending In-person Reg Ends 21 June
Summer School 28 June
Technical Sessions 29-30 June


LIM 2023 Committee

General Chair
Marina Bloj, University of Bradford (UK)
General Co-chair
Lionel Simonot, University of Poiters (France)
Papers Chair
Javier Vázquez Corral, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)
Poster Chair
Aditya Sole, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (Norway)
Program Committee
Steering Committee
Marina Bloj, University of Bradford (UK)
Michael S. Brown, York University (Canada)
Martin Gouch, FFEI (UK)
Susan Farnand, Rochester Institute of Technology (US)
Graham Finlayson, University of East Anglia (UK)
Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (Norway)
Rafal Mantiuk, University of Cambridge (UK)
Susanne Klein, University of West of England, UWE Bristol (UK)
Sophie Triantaphillidou, University of Westminster (UK)
Javier Vázquez Corral, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

LIM 2023: MaPAR – material physics, appearance, and reproduction

London Imaging Meeting 2023

The London Imaging Meeting (LIM) is a yearly topic-based conference focused on the future of imaging science. The theme for 2023 is MaPAR – material physics, appearance, and reproduction. MANER Conference London 2023, the second Material Appearance Network for Education and Research event, will be integrated into the LIM 2023 program. We will soon announce our keynote, invited and focal speakers alongside the details of the LIM 2023 Summer School educational program.

Dates: 28-30 June 2023
Venue: Institute of Physics, London, UK

The conference is planned as an in-person event, and we expect presenters to attend in person, assuming it is possible and safe for them to do so. Should this not be the case, we will allow for remote attendance on a case-by­case basis.
We are interested in multidisciplinary approaches that facilitate the understanding of material perception and reproduction, measurement methods of material appearance as well as rendering and display methods. The conference is designed to promote interaction between imaging science and the many other diverse communities that share an interest in material appearance. It includes research, keynote, and focus presentations.
The LIM Summer School takes place 28 June; technical talks are held 29-30 June. 


We encourage authors to submit the papers on all aspects of visual appearance capture, modeling, reproduction, display and evaluation. This could be on but not limited to:

  • Physics and Measurement: of properties linked to appearance such as gloss, transparency, texture, and color, and their interdependencies.
  • Computational: computer vision, graphics and rendering, visualization as well as the use of machine learning for appearance modelling and analysis.
  • Appearance: in the visual arts, printing, extended and enhanced reality (VR/AR/XR) as well as restorative and aesthetic applications in clinical and design contexts.
  • Perception: psychophysics, multisensory perception of appearance, cognitive aspects of appearance such as memory and preference.


As in past years, the 2023 event will feature two keynote, one invited, and five focal talks, given by world-renown experts in imaging and display science.


LIM 2020
LIM 2021
LIM 2022

LIM 2024

The LIM Steering Committee seeks inquiries from colleagues/groups interested in proposing a theme and/or chairmanship for the 2024 London Imaging Meeting. Inquiries/proposals may be directed to the Steering Committee.

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