PICS 2002: Image Processing, Image Quality, Image Capture Systems Conference

Portland, Oregon
April 2002 , Volume 5 
ISBN / ISSN: 0-89208-238-0
262 pages

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© 2002; The Society for Imaging Science and Technology

The following papers are included in this publication. 

Applied Vision Models Session

Scott Daly
Sharp Corporation (USA)

Image Quality Modeling and Psychophysics Session

Sergueri Endrikhovski
Eastman Kodak Co. (USA)

Image Quality Standards and Measurement Session

Edul Dalal 
Xerox Corp. (USA)

Image Quality Standards and Measurement Session (cont.)

Ralph Jacobson
University of Westminster (UK)

Image Performance Evaluation Session

Paul Kane
Eastman Kodak Co. (USA)

Digital Image Capture Session

Paul De Keyser
Agfa Gevaert (Belgium)

Digital Photography Session

Dietmar Wueller
Image Engineering (Germany)

Optics for Digital Imaging Session

Chris Dainty
Imperial College (UK)

Museum and Archive Imaging Session

Stephen Chapman
Harvard University (USA)

Digital Image Processing Session

Peter Anderson
Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)

Digital Image Processing Session (cont.)

Anne Fry
Lifetouch (USA)