ICIS '06, International Congress of Imaging Science

Rochester, New York
May 2006 
ISBN / ISSN: 0-89208-260-7
702 pages

© 2006; Society for Imaging Science and Technology

The following papers are included in this publication. 

Plenary Session

Gary Einhaus, Eastman Kodak Company

Optics & Digital Processing for Cameras

Makoto Banno, Konica Minolta and Sean Kelly, Eastman Kodak Company

Silver Halide Materials and Systems

Jeff Hansen, Eastman Kodak Company and Mitsuo Kawasaki, Kyoto University


Koji Hirakura, Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Wei Koh, Hewlett-Packard Company

Color Science, Perception & Quality

Ethan Montag, Rochester Institute of Technology; Stephen Westland, University of Leeds; Roy Berns, Rochester Institute of Technology and Norimichi Tsumura, Chiba University

Imagers for photography, video, and high dynamic range applications

Junichi Nakamura, Micron Technology, Inc. and Gloria Putnam, Eastman Kodak Company

Digital Cameras and Systems

Seishi Ohmori, Samsung and Bruce Pillman, Eastman Kodak Company


David Whitcomb, Eastman Kodak Compnay and Katushisa Ohzeki, Fuji Photo Film, Inc.

Silver Halide and Photofinishing

Gary House, Eastman Kodak and Steve Howe, Fuji Photo Film, Inc. (USA)

Image Enhancement, Display & Rendering

Gaurav Sharma, University of Rochester; Sabine Susstrunk, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne; Garrett Johnson, Rochester Institute of Technology and Shoji Tominaga, Osaka Electro-Communication University

Information Extraction and Exploitation Algorithms

Carl Salvaggio, Rochester Institute of Technology and Xiuping Jia, University of New South Wales

Display Technologies

John Agostinelli, Eastman Kodak and Jin Jang, Kyung Hee University

E-Paper and Flexible Display

Kars-Michiel Lenssen, Philips Research and John Agostinelli, Eastman Kodak Company

3-D Display

John Agostinelli, Eastman Kodak Company

Digital Methods for Medical Image Capture

Sreeram Dhurjaty, Eastman Kodak Company

Image Permanence & Digital Media

Alan Hodgson, Consultant

Measuring, Modeling and Specifying Display Image Quality

Mark Fairchild, Rochester Institute of Technology

ICIS at RIT (bus transportation and box lunches provided)

Stefi Baum, Rochester Institute of Technology

Frontiers in Imaging

Carl Schauffele, University of Rochester

Interactive Session (Lunch Provided)

Jon Arney, Rochester Institute of Technology