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Author Deadlines
Call for Paper Submissions
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) 1 March
» Conference
15 March
Acceptance Notification
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) 10 April
» Conference 3 May
Final Manuscripts Due
» Journal-first (JIST or JPI) 28 May
» Conference 17 May

Program Deadlines
Registration Opens mid-April
Early Registration Ends 24 May
Attending In-person Reg Ends 19 June
Summer School 26 June
Technical Sessions 27-28 June


LIM 2024 Committee

General Chairs
Michael S. Brown, York University (Canada)
Chaker Larabi, University of Poitiers (France)
Steering Committee
Marina Bloj, University of Bradford (UK)
Graham Finlayson, University of East Anglia (UK)
Martin Gouch, FFEI (UK)
Susanne Klein, University of the West of England (UK)
Simonot Lionel, University of Poitiers (France)
Rafal Mantiuk, University of Cambridge (UK)
Sophie Triantaphillidou, University of Westminster (UK)
Javier Vázquez Corral, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)


Submit to LIM 2024: Image Capture

On this page
Author Information
     IS&T Publication Policy 


Image Capture: From Photons to Photos hopes to serve as a venue to bring together innovators, researchers, industry professionals, and academicians interested in all aspects of the imaging process used to convert physical scene radiance to pixel intensities.

Authors are encouraged to present methods and solutions that cross the boundaries of disciplines. For example, methods that use new or existing models of the imaging system to improve image quality for tasks beyond photography. We welcome the participation of scientists and engineers from academia and industry and strongly encourage contributions from graduate students.

The conference is an in-person event, and the presenters are expected to attend in person (unless there are exceptional circumstances). We are planning that it will be possible to attend the main technical meeting online.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental of imaging and modeling of image formation
  • Light capture and sensor technologies
  • Optical imaging systems and lenses
  • Computational imaging and image processing
  • High-Dynamic Range (HDR) and 3D imaging
  • Immersive and extended reality imaging
  • Quantum imaging and photon-efficient techniques
  • Novel imaging modalities and sensors
  • Photo-finishing methods
  • Imaging for scientific applications
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Camera imaging performance & image quality
  • Future trends in imaging technologies
  • Multi-image capture and rendering (e.g., NeRF)

Submission Timeline

Journal-first Paper
Authors submit to the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology or Journal of Perceptual Imaging following journal guidelines. Accepted papers are guaranteed a speaking slot at the conference and the paper of record is a journal vs. proceeding citation. Journal papers are provided to attendees as an appendix to the conference proceedings.
  • Journal-first submission deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Decisions on papers: April 10, 2024
  • Final Manuscripts due: May 28, 2024
Conference Paper
  • Conference paper submission deadline: March 15, 2024
  • Decisions on papers: May 3, 2024
  • Final Manuscripts due: May 17, 2024


Requirements in brief

  • Ethics: All authors are expected to adhere to the IS&T Publication Policy.
  • Use of Lena (Lenna) image: IS&T strongly discourages the use of the Lena (Lenna) image in IS&T publications, conference presentations, and short courses. Authors/presenters/instructors should use other suitable images to illustrate and compare image processing algorithms. IS&T journals and conferences no longer review submissions containing the Lena image without convincing scientific justification for its use.
  • Permissions: All necessary rights and permissions to use any materials which you do not own outright are the responsible of the author.
  • Registration Obligation: Authors are expected to attend the conference in person and pay the author registration fee.

Peer Review Process and Publication

All submitted proposals are peer-reviewed to ensure that the program provides significant, timely, and authoritative information.

Authors have the option to submit either a traditional conference paper, which is published in the LIM proceedings, or a Journal-first paper, which appears in the journal prior to the meeting start date, and as a reprint in the proceedings. The advantage of Journal-first is an Open Access journal citation. Journal-first is available for the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (JIST) or Journal of Perceptual Imaging (JPI). Details for each are below.

  • Papers presented at the conference should be complete in regard to advancing the state of knowledge in the area of display science.
  • Papers will be allocated either an oral or poster presentation, at the discretion of the program committee.
  • All papers presented at LIM 2024 are published Open Access in the conference proceedings and/or journal, indexed with various services, filed with the US Library of Congress, and made available as downloadable PDFs through the IS&T Digital Library. Authors may also post the authoritative version of accepted papers in repositories and on websites.
  • The conference language is English.

Prospective authors are encouraged to review the two submission option details below.

Journal-first Paper

Submit via: OR
Submission Deadline:1 March
Submission Format: Standard-length, publication-ready paper
Review Format: Standard journal peer-review

Why Journal-first?

  • Gain a journal citation, plus conference presentation.
  • Guaranteed presentation slot if accepted.
  • Fast-tracked review.

Visit the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology or the Journal of Perceptual Imaging pages for more details on the scope of each publication, links to published articles, and how to submit to the journal in which you are interested.

Initial decisions and requests for revision, if required, will be sent to authors by 10 April 2024. Revisions of provisionally accepted papers are due 1 May

Submit JIST-first

Submit JPI-first

Upon acceptance of papers, authors will pay page charges per the individual journal's requirements and register for LIM. Rejected papers will be reviewed for possible inclusion in LIM using the conference submission criteria. 

Final papers are due by 28 May 2024.

Questions? Contact us at either [email protected] or [email protected]

Conference Proceedings Paper

Submit via: link coming
Submission Deadline:15 March
Submission Format:

  • 4-page draft paper, plus additional page for references; must be original work on relevant topic.
  • The abstract should clearly explain the technical content, including how the material is new or distinct from previously presented/published work on the same topic. The paper may speculate on how your research ideas will impact the field in the future.
  • To facilitate the double-blind review, remove all identifying information from the draft paper, including, but not limited to, author names, titles, affiliations, bios.
Review Format: Double-blind peer-review (see bullet above)
Submission Template (MS-Word)
Submission Template (LaTex)

Submit Now

Final decisions on acceptance and presentation format (oral or interactive poster paper) are at the discretion of the Program Committee. Notices of acceptance will be sent by 3 May 2024. Upon notice of acceptance, authors are sent detailed instructions for submitting the final manuscript for publication in the conference proceedings, including forms for "transfer of copyright," which includes a CC-BY and government employee options. Please note that each author is responsible for obtaining appropriate clearance as necessary.

Final proceedings manuscripts are due 17 May 2024.

Questions? [email protected]

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