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28 February 2023
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Series Chair

Scott Silence,Corning Inc.

Program Chairs

Yoshinori (Yoshi) Domae, iPrint Center
Kilian Menzel, HTWK - Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
Teruaki Mitsuya, Ricoh Company Ltd.
Atsushi Tomotake, Konica Minolta, Inc.

Asia Program Committee

Takashi Fukue, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Kye-Si Kwon, Soonchunhyang University
Natsuko Minegishi, Konica Minolta, Inc.
Dong-Youn Shin, Pukyong National University
Hirotoshi Tereo, Alps Alpine Co. Ltd.


A Deep Dive into Cutting Edge Printing Technology

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Join colleagues for a series of 3 topical meetings with an overarching focus on the hottest topics in printing technology today–Sustainability and Novel Inkjet Printing Processes.

Held during the month of October 2022, the sessions that comprise this series include three hours of content plus ample time for Q+A, open discussions, and networking with colleagues around the world. The invited talks have been carefully curated to provide valuable information on topics highly-relevant to both industry and academic printing researchers and professionals.

Building on the strong technical content and history of IS&T’s NIP/Printing for Fabrication conferences, this series of 3 topical meetings begins with novel inkjet printing processes, focusing in particular on new printhead technologies that will continue to push the envelope of what inkjet printing is capable of.

The two following sessions— held back-to-back—focus on Sustainability: the Sustainability of Essential Printing and the technology that enables the Green End of Printing. Printing enhances sustainability through 3D manufacturing of industrial parts and electronics but also brings challenges to manage, and these sessions will highlight all aspects of this exciting technology space. The Green End of Printing session concludes with an introductory course on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), designed to give engineers and practitioners a perspective on what LCAs are and how they are done.


Advances in Printing Technology 2022 is being held online. Details on access and the software interface is sent to attendees. Sessions may be purchased separately or as a series; relevant On-Demand Short Courses presented at past Printing for Fabrication conferences may be purchased to supplement the program and viewed at leisure.

Program Overview

Session 1: Innovative Technology for Digital Printing

20:00 - 01:00 Tokyo
13:00 - 18:00 Paris
07:00- 12:00 New York

During the massive inkjet technology development race that has taken place from around the end of the 20th century to the present, inkjet printing technology has been extended from printing on paper to a wide variety of applications, expanding its performance and use. At the same time,  there remain applications ripe for printing solutions that unfortunately have not be realized due to the inkjet technology available at the time.

In Session 1, we explore several innovative technologies that expand the possibilities for inkjet and make the previously impossible possible. In addition to discussing these advances, we consider new applications and explore the latest innovations to discover that what was unattainable in the past may now be feasible.

  • Inkjet Technology Innovation: Optimization versus Diversification: Adam Strevens, i4inkjet Ltd.
  • Super Piezo Inkjet Technology Extends Online Coding Capabilities: Sabri Mourad, Markem-Imaje Industries
  • Advances on Multi-Material Ultra High Viscosity Printing with Inkjet: Ramon Borrell, Quantica GmbH
  • A Digital Printing Technology with the Power to Reinvent Semiconductor and Display Production: Patrick Galliker, Scrona AG
  • Big data for inkjet printing optimization: Raphaël Wenger, Droptimize SNC
  • The Impact of Nozzle Sensing on Industrial Digital Printing: Florian Fässler, Polytype AG

View full schedule and abstracts of talks for Session 1

Session 2: Sustainability of Essential Printing – How We Sustain the Printing Necessary for Life

13:00 - 17:30 Tokyo
06:00 - 10:30 Paris
midnight- 04:30 New York

Since Gutenberg's invention, there has always been a need to have certain things printed. Food and pharmaceutical packaging, apparel, and photographs are essential for our life. Even in this IT era, printing is essential to printed electronics and 3D manufacturing. At the same time, the world is increasingly concerned about resources and sustainability, which forces us to ask "How do we sustain the printing of essential items?".

This topical meeting introduces information on how printing enhances sustainability through photography and the 3D manufacturing of industrial parts and electronics, but also discusses the challenges of managing the technology and process.

  • Eliminate the idea of Waste: Eric Kawabata, TerraCycle
  • Sustainable Design and Process Integration for In Mold Electronics: Li-Wei Yao, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
  • Why Still Print Photo in Digital Era, and China Photo Market Intro: Sean Cui (YuXuan), Hannto Technology Company
  • Flexible and Printed 3D Organic Integrated Circuits and Biosensors: Sungjune Jung, Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • Inkjet Printing Process and TechnologyIssues for Next-generation Display: Jun-Young Kim, Gyeongsang National University
  • Sustainability about the Thermal Transfer Printing: Satoshi Narita, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. 
  • Fundamental Understanding of Paper Transport Phenomena—From the Perspective of Sustainability of Printing: Yosuke Tsukiyama, Nigata University

View full schedule and abstracts of talks for Session 2

Session 3: Green End of Printing

18:00 - 00:00 Tokyo
11:00 - 17:00 Paris
05:00- 11:00 New York

As a quantifiable and comprehensible method, Life Cycle Assessment seems to be a legitimate tool for identifying and comparing the environmental impacts of printing. In the session “The Environmental Impact of Printing”, we discuss how are this tool is applied and the challenges of assessing parameters and preparing LCAs in the printing industry. With speakers from different sectors—decor printing, inkjet technology, additive manufacturing, sustainability consulting—we offer the opportunity for a professional and in-depth exchange around the growing field of sustainability within the printing sector.

Confirmed Companies/Speakers*:

  • Ecological Challenges of Decor Printing: Robert David; Interprint GmbH
  • The Sustainability Benefits of Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology, Renzo Trip, XAAR, plc
  • The Carbon Footprint of Industrial Inkjet: Clive Ayling, Meteor Inkjet Ltd
  • Sustainable Packaging Printing!? and (sometimes) the Gap Between Wish and Reality, Anke Frieser-Tausch, DFTA Technology Center
  • Printing “Green” Electronics from Functional Materials—Vision and Reality, Tobias Prenzel, Fraunhofer IBP and University of Stuttgart
  • Sustainability Performance Evaluation of Metal Additive Manufacturing for a Microscale Chemical Reactor: Kamyar Raoufi, Sharif University of Technology
  • Tutorial: An Introduction to LCA and its Application to Printing: Nathan Ayer and Tom Etheridge, EarthShift Global

View full schedule and abstracts of talks for Session 3*

*Additional details are forthcoming; check back later.

Supplemental On Demand Short Courses

Expand your knowledge by registering for any or all of the following On Demand short courses, recorded at Printing for Fabrication 2020. Downloadable the course notes provided. View the recordings as often as you like until 28 February 2023. See the Attend tab for fees.

SC01    Inkjet Fluid Dynamics and Fundamentals - Part 1: Acoustics of Piezo Print Heads: The Physics of Drop Ejection     Instructor: J. Frits Dijksman, University of Twente    Length: 2 hours

SC02    Inkjet Fluid Dynamics and Fundamentals - Part 2: Droplet Formation and Droplet Impact    Instructor: J. Frits Dijksman, University of Twente    Length: 2 hours<

SC08   An Introduction to Digital Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing: Methods, Materials, and Applications    Instructor: James W. Stasiak, HP Labs     Length: 2 hours

SC10   Direct-to-Object Printing    Instructor: Paul McConville, Xerox Corp.  Length: 2 hours

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