Color Imaging: Fundamentals and Applications
Color Imaging: Fundamentals and Applications
Erik Reinhard, Erum Arif Khan, Ahmet Oguz Akyüz, and Garrett Johnson
ISBN: 978-1568813448
1074 pages

This book provides readers with an understanding of what color is, where color comes from, and how color can be used correctly in many different applications. The authors first treat the physics of light and its interaction with matter at the atomic level, so that the origins of color can be appreciated. The intimate relationship between energy levels, orbital states, and electromagnetic waves helps to explain why diamonds shimmer, rubies are red, and the feathers of the Blue Jay are blue. Then, color theory is explained from its origin to the current state of the art, including image capture and display as well as the practical use of color in disciplines such as computer graphics, computer vision, photography, and film.

© 2008; AK Peters

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