The Art and Science of HDR Imaging
The Art and Science of HDR Imaging
John J. McCann and Alessandro Rizzi
December 2011
ISBN: 978-1-119-97537-3
384 pages

This books presents a unique scientific HDR approach derived from artists’ understanding of painting, emphasizing spatial information in electronic imaging. Human visual appearance and reproduction rendition of the HDR world requires spatial-image processing to overcome the veiling glare limits of optical imaging, in eyes and in cameras. Illustrated in full colour, this book uses techniques to study the HDR properties of entire scenes, and measures the range of light of scenes and the range that cameras capture.

The book also:

  • Measures and describes the limits of HDR scenes, camera images, and the range of appearance
  • Examines the great variety of HDR algorithms used today; explains the advantages of algorithms that replicate human vision
  • Offers a unique review of the entire family of Retinex image processing algorithms
  • Describes the considerable overlap of HDR and Color Constancy
  • Provides extensive data to test algorithms and models of vision on an accompanying website

© 2011; John Wiley & Sons

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