Color Management Understanding and Using ICC Profiles
Color Management Understanding and Using ICC Profiles
Phil Green
March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-05825-1
314 pages

A comprehensive guide to the implementation of the ICC (International Color Consortium) profile specification—widely used for maintaining color fidelity across multi-media imagingdevices and software—this book draws together many of the White Papers produced by ICC to promote the use of color management and disseminate good practice. Other chapters include material that will form future ICC White Papers, as well as some original content. The ICC review process ensures that material and recommendations included are collaborative, reflecting the input of the wide community of color and imaging scientists and developers who make up its membership. Readers can be assured of the best advice for achieving optimum results. The book:

  • Provides an overview of color management in applications and the role of ICC profiles in a color reproduction system.
  • Presents user guidelines on color measurement procedures and discusses measurement issues for media such as optically-brightened papers and ink jet prints.
  • Offers comprehensive guidance on the latest version of the specification and the application of the perceptual rendering intent with its reference gamut.
  • Examines the construction and benefits of different types of ICC profiles, and sets out compliance test considerations, implementation notes and evaluation of profile quality.

© 2010; John Wiley & Sons

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