Handbook of Imaging Materials: Second Edition
Handbook of Imaging Materials: Second Edition
Arthur S. Diamond and David S. Weiss
ISBN: 0-8247-8903-2
676 pages

This revised and expanded reference presents the most recent developments in the materials, properties and performance characteristics of photographic, electrophotographic, electrostatic, diazo, and ink jet imaging processes-providing current techniques and modern applications for ink jet, thermal, and toner-related imaging systems. This Handbook discusses state-of-the-art methods in thermal imaging, including direct and transfer processes...scientific advances in color photographic materials, photoreceptors, toners, and developers...the latert research in toner and carrier technology...sublimation dye transfer imaging...the introduction of digital color presses...future trends in digital imaging technology...a rigorous analysis of ink jet chemistry and the physical parameters that control this imaging process...and more.

© 2001; Marcel Decker

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