Billmeyer and Saltzman's Principles of Color Technology (3e)
Billmeyer and Saltzman's Principles of Color Technology (3e)
Roy S. Berns
ISBN: 0-471-19459-X
247 pages

Fully updated: the classic comprehensive introduction to color technology

The Third Edition of Billmeyer and Saltzman's Principles of Color Technology combines the clarity and ease of use of earlier editions with two decades of advancement in the theory and technology of color. Defining color as "a certain kind of light, its effect on the human eye, or (most important of all) the result of this effect in the mind of the viewer," the book offers detailed coverage of color, colorants, the coloring of materials, and reproducing the color of materials through imaging.

While retaining important material on the color technology of paints, plastics, textiles, and other materials, the Third Edition features in-depth coverage of computer-generated color, digital image capture, desktop color printing, and color management achieving color fidelity among scanners, digital cameras, and other color imaging devices. The new edition of Principles of Color Technology offers expanded coverage that includes:

Measuring color quality? A new chapter describes the principles and applications of setting instrumental color tolerances Mathematics of color technology? A new appendix presents principles of color technology using mathematics Color modeling? Additional material covers CRT displays and color printing

Supplemented with copious numerical examples, graphs, and illustrations that clarify and explain complex material, as well as side bars that present technical details in a well-organized, accessible manner, this excellent and exciting introduction for newcomers to the field is also a valuable reference for experienced color technologists, color specialists, chemical and industrial engineers, computer scientists, research scientists, and mathematicians interested in color.

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