NIP12: Int'l Conf. on Digital Printing Technologies
NIP12: Int'l Conf. on Digital  Printing Technologies
San Antonio, Texas
October 1996
ISBN: 0-89208-194-5
580 pages

In 1996, the Conference's name changed from "Non-Impact" to "Digital" Printing Technologies to reflect a broadened scope from the more traditional non-impact making technologies to the emerging technologies such as print-on-demand and digital front-ends for offset presses. For continuity, the original name of Non-Impact Printing is preserved in the acronym NIP.

NIP12 covered a range of topics in two tracks:

Track 1: Ink Jet Printing, Image Processing, Color Printing, Print Quality, Textile and Fabric Printing, Production Digital Printing, Thermal Printing, Advanced and Novel Marking Systems;

Track 2: Electrostatic Marketing Processes, Media for Digital Printing, Photoreceptors, and Electrostatic Marketing Materials.

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