Edwin H. Land's Essays
Edwin H. Land's Essays
ISBN: 0-89208-170-8
590 pages

Edwin H. Land is known worldwide for his work in photography, but of equal importance are his writings on polarizers, color vision, business, and education. This collection of his papers is amazing for its scope, insight, and influence. Lillian Christmas initially gathered the articles of Dr. Land [1909-1991] as part of the Rowland Institute for Science's 80th birthday gift to him. Mrs. Land's wish to make all of his papers available to the students of Norwich Free Academy led John McCann, past IS&T President, to suggest that the Society for Imaging Science and Technology publish the papers as a set. IS&T is proud to be the publisher of the volumes and acknowledges Mrs. Land as a source of encouragement through the work on these books.

Edwin H. Land's Essays is an unique compilation of 76 essays presenting for the first time in a singular collection the major "themes of Land's life-long preoccupation with science, invention, education, industry and humanity" (Jerome Wiesner, President Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Included with the articles that appeared in 35 books and journals are 16 heretofore unpublished essays and lectures along with Land's testimony before the Senate Military Affairs Committee at the Joint Hearings on Science Bills in 1945.

Of great interest to many, included in Volume I are the only published listing of all 540 of Land's patents, 406 in Land's name alone. Such a special feature along with the 24 pages of color appendices make Land's Essays more than a compilation of research articles and speeches which in and of themselves make for fascinating reading. McCann's selections provide the reader with a special insight into the life and times of a great inventor, researcher, scientist, and American.

3 Volumes

"Not only the fields that Land touched were forever changed. The lives of all who worked with him and of many who never knew him have been profoundly enriched."

- Vivian K. Walworth, IS&T Past President and Editor, JIST 1990-1996

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