IS&T's Handbook of Photographic Science and Engineering (CD)
IS&T's Handbook of Photographic Science and Engineering (CD)
ISBN: 0-89208-198-8
768 pages

THE HANDBOOK had been out of print for over ten years when the Society for Imaging Science and Technology delivered the long-awaited revision in the Spring of 1997. As in the original handbook, the current edition maintains the objective that the volume is a reference work, not a textbook or an encyclopedia. A reference work reminds one of details of knowledge previously learned, but not regularly used, and provides a source of numerical constants, formulas, definitions, and data not customarily memorized. The updated version of the Handbook includes over 500 figures, 200 tables, and over 1,250 references contributed from imaging science professionals and institutions throughout the world.

Almost every section of the Handbook contains tutorial encyclopedic material, but usually not enough for the beginner to learn an unfamiliar field. However, assisted by the extensive guide to the published works in photographic science and engineering (Section 23, Guide to Photographic Information) the beginner can embark upon their journey in the field. This material, like many others, was prepared especially for the Handbook and is not available elsewhere.

Sections of the Handbook and the authors/editors in the revised edition include:

  • Radiation Sources -- Rolf Bergman
  • Radiometry & Photometry -- Nestor Rodriguez
  • Imaging Optics -- Jon Van Tassel
  • Radiation Sensitive Systems -- C.N. Proudfoot
  • Filters -- C.N. Proudfoot
  • Image Recording in AgX Media -- Harry Hoyen and Xin Wen
  • Image Recording in Magnetic Media -- Hideo Ohshima
  • Image Recording in Optical Media -- Alan Marchant
  • Color Imaging Systems -- Yoishi Miyake
  • Instant Photography -- Vivian Walworth
  • Physical Properties of Imaging Methods -- Peter Adelstein
  • Ag X Processing Methods -- Robert L. Shanebrook
  • AgX Processing Chemistry -- Charleton Bard
  • Materials of ConstructionAgX -- Dennis M. Brown
  • Environmental Aspects of AgX Processes -- Thomas Dagon
  • Method s of Measuring Properties of AgX Products -- Tsuneo Suga
  • Image Structure & Evaluation -- Satoru Honjo
  • Defect Communication & Control -- David Simonsen
  • Colorimetry -- Noboru Ohta
  • Safety -- John Ennis
  • Quality Systems -- John Stratton

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