50th Annual Conference: A Celebration of All Imaging
50th Annual Conference: A Celebration of All Imaging
Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 1997
ISBN: 0-89208-199-6
730 pages

This proceedings includes over 200 oral and poster papers covering all areas of imaging.

Silver Halide Technology: Physics of AgX Materials, Photothermal AgX, Model AgX Systems, Silver and Silicon, Sensitization of Silver Halides, Silver Halide Emulsions, Photographic Imaging Chemistry.

Digital Printing: Electrostatic Marking, Laser Thermal Printing, Resistive Thermal Printing, Ink Jet Printing. Digital Photography. Image Processing: Printing, Halftoning & Image Quality. Coating Technologies: Modeling Coating Flow, Coating Process Technology, Complex Fluids & Rheology, Drying & Curing Technology. Hybrid Imaging.

Holography: Evolution of Holography, Phase Materials in Holography, Theory to Production, Materials & Reconstruction; Stereolithography and 3-D Imaging: 3-D Fabrication, Materials & Methods, 3-D Image Generation and Display, Display Materials/Systems. Image Permanence.

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