The IS&T Standards Program and ISO/TC 42 Photography

International Standards - ISO/TC 42

IS&T photography standards, both U.S. national and international, address all aspects of photography, including analog, digital image capture and image print concerns. Photography standards encompass the capture, communication, and display of image content, the advancement and maintenance of analog and digital photographic technologies, and the assessment and preservation of physical photographic materials. ISO/TC 42, the ISO Technical Committee for Photography, was created in 1947, and more than 170 international photography standards have been developed by ISO/TC 42 over the years.

IS&T serves as the Secretariat for ISO/TC 42 and for the ISO/TC 42 US TAG (Technical Advisory Group). This Secretariat responsibility also serves the Working Groups within the ISO/TC 42 organizational structure. IS&T is further accredited to develop and maintain consensus on IS&T-sponsored American National Standards. IS&T and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have partnered to support IS&T photography standards. Through this agreement, ANSI conducts the operational Secretariat responsibilities.

For U.S. experts, IS&T administers two Imaging Technology Committees affiliated with the ISO/TC 42 project areas of: Image Permanence (IT9) and Digital Photography (IT10). IS&T also administers the Technical Maintenance Committee charged with maintaining the traditional photography standards under the purview of ISO/TC 42.

About ISO/TC 42 Photography Standards

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is a network of national standards bodies of many countries. Within the ISO framework, the technical committee, ISO/TC 42 Photography, holds responsibility for photographic imaging standards, including analog and digital image capture, and image print concerns. ISO/TC 42 standards address the capture, communication, and display of image content, the advancement and maintenance of analog and digital photographic imaging technologies, and the assessment and preservation of physical imaging materials; all practices essential to current and future applications of photography, and to our photographic heritage.

Fourteen member countries (P-members) participate in ISO/TC 42:
Australia (SA), Belgium (NBN), China (SAC), Denmark (DS), Finland (SFS), France (AFNOR), Germany (DIN), Japan (JISC), Netherlands (NEN), Portugal (IPQ), Russian Federation (GOST R), Switzerland (SNV), United Kingdom (BSI), and United States (ANSI).

Experts within each member country work according to ISO standards development rules to develop country positions and contributions, including initiating new standards projects. Each P-member country has a one vote on each ISO standards ballot.

In addition to the participating member countries, there area eighteen observer countries (O-members) with an official interest in ISO/TC 42:
Austria (ASI), Cuba (NC), Czech Republic (UNMZ), India (BIS), Indonesia (BSN), Islamic Republic of Iran (ISIRI), Israel (SII), Italy (UNI), Korea, Republic of (KATS), Mongolia (MASM), Pakistan (PSQCA), Poland (PKN), Romania (ASRO), Serbia (ISS), Slovenia (SIST), Spain (AENOR), Ukraine (DSSN), and Tunisia (INNORPI).

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