Imaging Tutorials

Imaging Optics

  • How a Telescope Works by Russ Palum (Eastman Kodak Company)
    Learn the optical properties behind how a telescope makes things that are far away seem closer

Digital Image Capture

Printing Technologies

  • A Tutorial on Printing by James C. Owens (retired Eastman Kodak Company)
    A primer to digital printing, including discussion of halftoning, color reproduction, and various printing technologies
  • How a printing press works by Eric Hanson (Hewlett Packard Laboratories)
    Learn the basics of an offset lithographic press
  • How an ink jet printer works by Eric Hanson (Hewlett Packard Laboratories)
    Thermal and piezoelectric ink jet printers are dissected in this tutorial
  • Progress and Trends in Ink-jet Printing Technology by Hue P. Le (Le Technologies, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon)
    Learn more about the development of the ink jet printer
  • Electrophotography Overview by Howard Mizes, Dan Hays, and Nancy Goodman (Xerox Corporation)
    Also known as xerography, this printing method relies on electrostatic charges and photoconductive surfaces
  • Color Solid Ink Printing by C. Wayne Jaeger (retired Xerox Corporation)
    This printing technology uses solid inks that are melted during the printing process to create the image
  • An Introduction to Photothermography by M. R. V. Sahyun (retired 3M)
    Based on silver halide technology, new media is being used for applications in our digital age