Raymond Davis Scholarship

Basis of Selection

This scholarship is given to an advanced-level undergraduate or a graduate student with an academic and/or research focus in a field related to imaging.


The applicant must be an undergraduate who has completed two academic years of study or a graduate-level student. He or she must be a full-time student at an accredited institution pursuing an academic degree. The acceptance of this scholarship does not preclude the acceptance of additional fellowships, assistant positions, scholarships, or similar awards. The Society may bypass the award if there is no candidate judged suitable by the committee. Applicants do not have to be members of IS&T.


Applications for the scholarship are submitted to the Honors and Awards Committee.

Frequency of Award:

One or more awards are made annually, depending on available funds. Scholarship funding comes from interest earned on the restricted Davis Scholarship endowment.

Form of Award

A certificate and grant of at least $1,000 are given to recipients of this award

Past Recipients

2018 Christopher Gibson
         Katherine Leyba
2017 Tracy S. Edwards
          Anibal E. Morales
Antonio Fiore
2015 Neel Shah
2014 Karsten Hecker
2013 Anna Labno
2012 Edek Williams
2010 Abhijit Sarkar
2009 Weidong Lai
2008 Feng Liu
Ehsan Yakhshi Tafti
2007 Bhaskar Choubey
J.A. Stephen Viggiano
2006 Renmei Xu
2005 Jiangtao Kuang
Buyue Zhang
2004 Adam Milstein
Vishal Monga
2003 Ryan J. Priore
2002 Anthony J. Calabria
Zhen He
2001 Yulong Shen
Meredith Kathryn Whitaker
2000 Eduardo Asbun
Peter M. Morovic
1999 Kishwar Ahsan
Benjamin Spead
1998 A. Ufuk Agar
Lei Zhao
1997 Natalia Petridou
Chitra Sivanandam
1994 Barbara A Eiswerth
1993 Lee C. Sanders
1992 Armin C.W. Reese
1991 Jon S. Kippenhan
1990 Eric M. Sanden
1989 Ching-wei Chang
Michael R. Tinskey
1987 Kathy Hollinrake
1986 Juan A. Zuleta
1985 Mark D. Fairchild
Tony D. Rossi
1984 Richard G. Comeau
1983 R. Mitchell Miller
1982 William G. Hendriks
Kevin Spaudling
1981 Donald Graham
1980 David Scott Cline
Thomas P. Nagle
1979 John E. Greivenkamp
John D. Westbrook Jr.
1978 Richard L. Shadrach
1977 Andres Masia

18-21 and 25-28 January, 2021