Raymond C. Bowman Award

Basis of Selection

The Raymond C. Bowman Award, previously sponsored by the New York Chapter, was first awarded in 1982. The award recognizes an individual who has been instrumental in fostering, encouraging, and helping individuals of any age pursue a career in a technical/scientific area of imaging science, including the pursuit of an appropriate education.


Both members and non-members are eligible; the recipient need not be an educator, as others work diligently to foster growth in our industry. This award recognizes these efforts.

Frequency of Award

Not more than one per year.

Form of Award

An engraved plaque is given to recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

2019 Graham Finlayson
2018 Sabine Süsstrunk
2017 Jon Y. Hardeberg
C.-C. Jay Kuo
2013 Jussi Parkkinen
2012 Loren Winters
2011 Scott Williams
2010 Gerald A. Domoto
2009 Giordano Beretta
2008 Mark D. Fairchild
2007 Hiroaki Kotera
2006 Roy S. Berns
2005 Russell Kraus
2004 Ralph E. Jacobson
2003 Charles A. Bouman
2001 Edward J. Delp
1999 Jeff B. Pelz
1998 Jan P. Allebach
1997 Roger Easton
1996 Jonathan S. Arney
1994 Yasusuke Takahashi
1993 Leslie Stroebel
1992 Michael E. Leary
1991 Soichi Kubo
1990 Andrew Davidhazy
1988 Xin-Min Ren
1987 Arnost Reiser
1986 Thomas Howard James
1985 Sakda Siripant
1984 George R. Bird
1983 Ronald Francis
1982 Burt H. Carroll

18-21 and 25-28 January, 2021