Johann Gutenberg Prize

Basis of Selection

Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Laboratories the Gutenberg Award has been given since 1987 for outstanding technical achievement in, or contribution to, printing technology. Prior to 2008, this award was presented jointly by IS&T and the Society for Information Display.


Both members and non-members are eligible.

Frequency of Award

Multiple awards per year may be given, with the cash prize split between the recipients.

Form of Award

An engraved medal supplied by IS&T and cash stipend of $2000, provided by are given to recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

2019 Masahiko Fujii
2018 Shai Lior
Werner Zapka
2015 Osamu Majima
2014 Yoshihiko Hotta
2013 Guy Adams
2012 James W. Stasiak
2011 Helmut Kipphan
2010 Koji Hirakura
        Stephen Temple
2009 Lawrence B. Schein
2008 Steven B. Bolte
        Robert J. Gruber
        John Knapp
2007 Jeffrey J. Folkins
2006 Michio Shinozaki
2005 Josef O. Schneider
2004 Masaki Kutsukake
2002 Robert W.G. Hunt
2001 Minoru Usui
2000 Seung Ho Baek
        Charles DeBoer
1999 Dan A. Hays
1998 C. Wayne Jaeger
        Donald Titterington
1995 Hiroaki Kotera
1994 Akito Iwamoto
1993 Robert W. Gundlach
1992 Richard A. Fotland
1991 Ichiro Endo
       John L. Vaught
1990 Albert S. Chow
        Richard H. Darling
1989 Shigehisa Nakaya
1988 C. Hellmuth Hertz
1987 Gary K. Starkweather

18-21 and 25-28 January, 2021