Edwin H. Land Medal

Basis of Selection

The Edwin H. Land Medal was established in 1992 by IS&T and The Optical Society (OSA) to honor Edwin H. Land and to recognize his unique career as scientist, technologist, industrialist, humanist, and public servant. This medal recognizes pioneering work empowered by scientific research to create inventions, technologies, and products. The recipient should share Land’s insatiable scientific intensity and curiosity in optics and imaging and, in part, reflect his image as inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, and teacher. The Medal, a joint award of IS&T and OSA, is endowed through the OSA Foundation from contributions from IS&T, OSA, the Polaroid Foundation, the Polaroid Retirees Association, and individual contributors. The awardee is selected by a subcommittee comprised of four appointees each from IS&T and OSA, each who serves a four-year terms.


Membership is not a requirement for this award. Recipients may come from industry, academia, or government.

Frequency of Award

Not more than one per year.

Form of Award

A $1,500 cash stipend and engraved medal are given to recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

2020 Eric Fossum
2019 Nabeel A. Riza
2018 Ann Elsner
 Alan C. Bovik 
 Jan P. Allebach
2015 Joseph Mangano
         Mordechai Rothschild
         David Shaver
2014 Mathias Fink
2013 Pablo Artal
2012 Yoichi Miyake
2011 Mary Lou Jepsen
2010 Eliezer Peli
2009 Duncan T. Moore
2007 Charles R. Munnerlyn
2006 George H. Heilmeier
2005 Stephen A. Benton
2004 Steven K. Case
2003 John J. McCann
2002 Benzion (Benny) Landa
2001 Willard S. Boyle
         George E. Smith
2000 John Warnock
1999 Robert H. Webb
1998 Paul F. Forman
         Sol F. Laufer
         Carl A. Zanoni
1997 Efi Arazi
1996 Donald Scifres
1995 Ichiro Endo
         John L. Vaught
1994 William Humphrey
1993 Howard G. Rogers