EI 2020 Symposium Leadership

IS&T expresses its deep appreciation to the symposium chairs, conference chairs, program committee members, session chairs, and authors who generously give their time and expertise to enrich this Symposium. The Symposium would not be possible without their contributions.

EI 2020 Symposium Committee

Symposium Co-chairs

Radka Tezaur, Intel Corporation (US)
Jonathan B. Phillips, Google, Inc. (US)

Short Course Co-Chairs
Elaine Jin, NVIDIA Corporation (US)
Stuart Perry, University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Maribel Figuera, Microsoft Corporation (US)

At-large Conference Chair Representative
Adnan Alattar, Digimarc (United States)

Past Symposium Chair
Andrew Woods, Curtin University (Australia)

IS&T Executive Director
Suzanne E. Grinnan, IS&T (United States)

EI 2020 Technical Program Committee

Sos S. Agaian, College of Staten Island, CUNY
David Akopian, The Univ. of Texas at San Antonio
Adnan M. Alattar, Digimarc Corp.
Jan Allebach, Purdue Univ.
Nicolas Bonnier, Apple Inc.
Charles A. Bouman, Purdue Univ.
Gregery Buzzard, Purdue Univ.
Yi-Jen Chiang, New York Univ.
Reiner Creutzburg, Technische Hochschule Brandenburg
Damon M. Chandler, Shizuoka University
Patrick Denny, Valeo Vision Systems
Margaret Dolinsky, Indiana University
Karen Egiazarian, Tampere Univ. of Technology
Reiner Eschbach, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Monroe Community College
Zhigang Fan, Apple Inc.
Mylène Farias, University of Brasilia
Gregg E. Favalora, Draper
Atanas Gotchev, Tampere Univ. of Technology
Mathieu Hebert, Université Jean Monnet de Saint Etienne
Ella Hendriks, University of Amsterdam
Nicolas S. Holliman, Newcastle Univ.
Robin Jenkin, NVIDIA Corporation
David L. Kao, NASA Ames Research Center
Takashi Kawai, Waseda Univ.
Qian Lin, HP Labs, HP Inc.
Gabriel Marcu, Apple Inc.
Mark E. McCourt, North Dakota State University
Ian McDowell, Fakespace Labs, Inc.
Jon S. McElvain, Dolby Labs., Inc.
Nasir D. Memon, Polytechnic Institute of New York Univ.
Jeffrey B. Mulligan, NASA Ames Research Center
Henry Ngan, ENPS Hong Kong
Kurt S. Niel, Upper Austria Univ. of Applied Sciences
Arnaud Peizerat, Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique
William Puech, Lab. d’Informatique de Robotique et de Microelectronique de Montpellier
Alessandro Rizzi, Univ. degli Studi di Milano
Juha Röning, Univ. of Oulu
Nitin Sampat, Edmund Optics, Inc.
Gaurav Sharma, University of Rochester
Lionel Simonot, Université de Poitiers
Robert Sitnik, Warsaw Univ. of Technology
Robert L. Stevenson, Univ. of Notre Dame
David G. Stork, Ricoh Innovations and Stanford University
Ingeborg Tastl, HP Labs, HP Inc.
Peter van Beek, Intel Corporation
Ralf Widenhorn, Portland State Univ.
Thomas Wischgoll, Wright State Univ.
Andrew J. Woods, Curtin Univ.
Song Zhang, Mississippi State Univ.

The International Symposium on Electronic Imaging is organized and sponsored by the
Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T)
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Important Dates
Call for Papers Announced 1 April 2019
Journal-first Submissions Due 15 Jul 2019
Abstract Submission Site Opens 1 May 2019
Review Abstracts Due (refer to For Authors page
· Early Decision Ends 15 Jul 2019
· Regular Submission Ends 30 Sept 2019
· Extended Submission Ends 14 Oct 2019
 Final Manuscript Deadlines  
 · Manuscripts for Fast Track 25 Nov 2019
 · All Manuscripts 10 Feb 2020
Registration Opens 5 Nov 2019
Early Registration Ends 7 Jan 2019
Hotel Reservation Deadline 10  Jan 2020
Conference Begins 26 Jan 2020