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Apply for a Student Registration Grant

Students studying in an electronic imaging related program are eligible to apply for a grant to cover EI 2022 registration fees. A maximum of 15 grants are awarded. Grants are financed by IS&T and companies sponsoring EI’s Student Support Activities. These companies are also looking to hire students for internships or jobs. A jury will award the grants accordingly.

To Apply

Submit a PDF of the following (yes, you need to write a letter containing all the information—think of it as increasing your skill set!):

  1. A cover letter with your name, email, mobile #, university name and location (city/state and country), department, research program, if applicable, topic of study, and where you are in your studies, senior undergrad, first-year grad, etc.
  2. If you have submitted a paper to an EI conference, indicate the name of the conference and the paper. (Note: This grant is open to all students; you do not need to be giving a talk at EI to apply.)
  3. Include a brief summary of the work you are doing.
  4. Tell us why you want to come to EI.
  5. Provide a recommendation from your professor. It can be a brief statement; no need for a formal letter.
  6. A signed (yes, your handwritten signature) commitment that you will attend the conference if you receive this grant.

Deadline to Apply:
15 September 2021

Contact [email protected], subject line Student Reg Grant Question