A Flying Grey Ball Multi-illuminant Image Dataset for Colour

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IS&T 2021 Charles E. Ives/Journal Award and CIC JIST-first paper*

Flying Grey Ball Multi-illuminant Image Dataset for Colour Research
Hoda Aghaei, Terramera

Based on “A Flying Grey Ball Multi-illuminant Image Dataset for Colour Research,” Hoda Aghaei and Brian Funt, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Wednesday 17 November 2021
     New York: 10:00
     Paris:  16:00
     Tokyo:  23:00

For research in the field of illumination estimation and colour constancy, there is a need for ground truth measurement of the illumination colour at many locations within multi-illuminant scenes. This talk proposes a practical approach to obtaining such ground truth illumination data. The method involves using a drone to carry a grey ball of known percent surface spectral reflectance throughout a scene while photographing it frequently during the flight using a calibrated camera. In total, the dataset contains 30 scenes with 100 illumination measurements on average per scene, which is available for free download.

Hoda Aghaei is a machine learning engineer at Terramera Inc. The main focus of her work is computer vision and data analysis problems in agricultural applications.< She received an MS in computer science from Simon Fraser University, where she worked under the supervision of Prof. Brian Funt.

*Award is for outstanding contribution in the area of basic or applied science or engineering.

11/17/2021 10:00 AM - 11/17/2021 10:45 AM

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