An Over 120dB Dynamic Range Linear Response Single ...

Arnaud Darmont Memorial Best Paper Award Image Sensors and Systems 2020 Conference

An Over 120dB Dynamic Range Linear Response Single Exposure CMOS Image Sensor with Two-stage Lateral Overflow Integration Trench Capacitors
Yasuyuki Fujihara, School of Engineering Tohoku University (Japan)

A prototype linear response single exposure CMOS image sensor exhibiting over 120dB dynamic range with 11.4Me- full well capacity and maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB will be presented. The developed CMOS image sensor is highly adaptive to many applications in automotive, medical, factory automation fields with strong contrast of light illumination.

Yasuyuki Fujihara is a doctoral course student at Tohoku University, Japan. He is engaged in researches on CMOS image sensors especially for spectral imaging and likes building IoT gadgets.

9/9/2020 8:00 AM - 9/9/2020 8:45 AM

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