Scanner & Camera Imaging Performance: Ten Commandments

Course Number: SC3A
Time: 14:15 – 16:15 (2 hours)
Track: Capture: Getting good color/data
Level: Introductory
Instructors: Peter Burns and Don Williams

Benefits: This course enables the attendee to:
  • Interpret and comply with customer imaging requirements.
  • Establish accountability for imaging performance problems.
  • Compare various levels of FADGI and Metamorfoze guidelines.
  • Critically evaluate manufacturers’ claims of resolution, color errors, and noise.

Course Description 
This is a no-nonsense course on simple and achievable tools/techniques to build a solid digital imaging foundation for the capture of high-quality digital images. We have updated this course from a previous Top Ten Tips publication. These include realistic color management, predictable behavior of branded capture devices, and new methodologies for rapid capture imaging. Specific and practical examples of the use of ISO standards and institutional guidelines are described. More specifically, we address how to meet FADGI and Metamorfoze guideline requirements. The elements of this course can be applied by digital image service providers, collection custodians, and device manufacturers.

Intended Audience: Managers, engineers, and technicians responsible for evaluating and monitoring scanner and camera performance, and emerging guidelines. This includes manufacturers, service providers, and content custodians. A working knowledge of digital scanner and camera operation and their common technologies will be assumed.

Don Williams is founder of Image Science Associates, a digital imaging consulting and software group. Their work focuses on quantitative performance metrics for digital capture of digital imaging devices, and imaging fidelity issues for the cultural heritage community. He has worked for a number of large cultural heritage institutes in practical implementation of image quality controls and is the prime architect for the GoldenThread image quality evaluation tools. He has taught short courses for many years and contributes to several imaging standards activities. 

Peter Burns is a consultant working in digital image evaluation, system monitoring, and image processing. He has experience in several areas of digital imaging, digital photography, mobile imaging, and cultural heritage.

5/14/2019 2:15 PM - 5/14/2019 4:15 PM