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September 29 - October 2, 2019
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January 26-January 30, 2020
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IS&T President’s Message

Please note: This text is taken from the latest Annual Report of the Society.


As I write my first annual report as president of IS&T, I am excited to tell you about a year of change that has placed the Society on a path of greater internationalization, stronger financial performance, and a positive outlook for the future. The changes have required much hard work and attention to detail from our dedicated and hardworking staff, led by Executive Director Suzanne Grinnan. The staff is supported by a large contingent of volunteer members who make up our board of directors, governance committees, editorial boards, and conference committees. Without the efforts of these hard working people, the Society would not be able to bring you the conferences and publications that are so important for your ongoing professional development.

My predecessor, Alan Hodgson, presided over a period of increasing internationalization of IS&T and this has continued during my first year as president. The Board of Directors currently includes members from seven countries: Australia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. International representation on the board is increasingly important as imaging science and technology has become globalized. 

October 2015 marked the first occasion that IS&T’s Color and Imaging Conference (CIC23) was held outside the US. The conference began in 1993 and the first 14 CICs were held in Scottsdale, Arizona. From CIC15 (2007) onward, the conference moved to various cities in the US. At the same time, The European Conference in Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision (CGIV) was being held in Europe (2002-2012). As part of the Societies strategic vision, the two communities worked together to merge the events and establish CIC as a conference that not only attracted attendees from around the world, but also would be held throughout the world. The result was realized with a highly successful CIC23 held in Darmstadt, Germany. The meeting was characterized by increased attendance, more paper submissions, and stronger short-course enrollment compared to the preceding few years. The European imaging community strongly supported the conference and, as a consequence of this success, the Color and Imaging Conference will be a truly international event going forward. The conference location will now rotate between a US location and an international location each year. CIC24 was held in San Diego, while CIC25 will be held in Lillehammer, Norway.

Within IS&T, conference globalization was pioneered by the Archiving conference which has been held in North America beginning in 2004 with a significant number being held in Europe since 2008. The Printing for Fabrication (NIP) conference has also returned to having a more international make-up with Printing for Fabrication (NIP) 2016 held in Manchester, UK. This is the first time the conference has been held outside North America since NIP9 (1993) when it was held in Japan, and the first time it was held in Europe since NIP1 (Venice, Italy, 1981). Positioning our conferences as global events has allowed IS&T to extend its geographic reach and better serve our members and customers outside North America. However planning, organizing, and executing conferences requires strong involvement from our members to serve as volunteers on conference committees and to liaise with local businesses and authorities in our conference locations. I would like to appeal, particularly to our non-North American members, to get involved as a volunteer for the Society to help us maintain the momentum towards being a truly international imaging society.

In another very significant change concerning conferences, IS&T assumed sole responsibility for the Electronic Imaging Symposium with the February 2016 event. Electronic Imaging began as an IS&T conference in 1988. However, from 1989 to 2015 EI was jointly managed in a partnership between IS&T and SPIE. This partnership ended after the 2015 EI conference. The planning, funding, organization, and execution of EI symposia from EI2016 and beyond passed to IS&T. The EI2016 symposium was a major success for IS&T and reflects the organizational skills and hard work of our office staff and the many member volunteers on the conference and symposium committees. This success also reflects the long-term loyalty and cohesiveness of the EI community. Thank you to everyone involved for making EI2016 such a success. On assuming sole responsibility for EI, IS&T has begun implementing a number of popular changes to the way the symposium is run, with a long term goal of continuous improvement in member and attendee satisfaction.

Publications are another important component of IS&T’s mission. As most of you are aware, the Society publishes two technical journals as well as numerous conference proceedings. Over the past few years we have migrated our digital library to a new platform to better serve our members. This migration is now largely complete and the new platform is operating smoothly. Many thanks to the staff members for their hard work in making this a successful migration. 

Those of you who follow the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology will have noticed both an increase in the number of papers per issue and an improvement in the timeliness of each issue’s release. This improvement has come about as a result of much hard work by the editorial board, the IS&T publications chair, and the IS&T staff. Thank you to all involved for your hard work.

Related to publications and the Electronic Imaging Symposium, the Society made the bold move to allow complete online access to the full papers of the conference proceedings. Additionally, the JIST-first option now being offered for all IS&T conferences has allowed authors to present their journal papers at IS&T events and have them reprinted within the proceedings.

I would like to close this annual report with an appeal to our members. An involved, active, and representative membership is vital for the successful operation and governance of the society and I encourage all members to consider serving the society either on the Board of Directors, a governance committee, a conference organizing committee, or through involvement in one of our publications as an associate editor or referee. Your involvement will make the Society stronger and better able to satisfy member’s needs. I would also like to encourage you to recommend membership of the society to your colleagues and friends involved in imaging. Please continue helping us to grow the society and provide world-class conferences and publications to the imaging community.

Geoff Woolfe,
IS&T President