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Lead Color Engineering expert - HP Scitex

Job Description:

Today HP is a $50+ billion fortune 50 company and our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

We currently have one of the greatest product portfolios on the market, ranking number 1 in EMEA across the majority of the categories we compete in.You will be working at in our Scitex division, a market leader in the industrial digital printing arena. And as the Lead Color Engineering expert you will work on cutting-edge color, imaging, and printing technology.

As a member of a multi-discipline team, you will be involved in the research, prototyping, and development of technologies and solutions for improving image and color quality, high-performance image processing, and customer-focused features relating to image and document processing.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • As a subject matter expert in Color you will use your expertise to solve complex issues - lead root cause investigations, understand failure mechanisms and drive solutions.
  • You will lead development of color workflows, define color calibrations and drive the solutions for color applications.
  • Drive the learning and understanding of customer IQ & color requirements.
  • Define and execute; Image quality and color solutions development plans
  • Develop human metrology tests to qualify the required IQ and color attributes
  • Color calibrations.Image and signal processing.
  • Develop and undertake statistical data analyses.
  • Drive innovation and integration of new technologies into projects and activities.
  • Build strong collaborations with internal stake holders.


  • Ability to lead small teams and drive solutions for complex IQ artifacts
  • Experienced in Matlab (or similar such as; C, C++, Python, Java, Octave, Scilab, Freema etc.)
  • 10+ years’ experience in developing color workflows, defining color calibrations and driving the solutions for color applications.
  • Background knowledge in inkjet, algorithm development, image processing.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and algorithm development skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work in multi-national teams.


  • BSc. In Physics / Electrical Engineering / Color Science/ Software
  • Masters Degree in Color science is considered a strong advantage.

Apart from the chance to lead and drive in this role we offer competitive benefits package and exciting career opportunities.

We’re looking for visionaries who are ready to make an impact on the way the world works.

At HP, the future’s yours to create.

Apply Job ID 3006391

Contact person is: Adriana Martinez

Location:  Netanya, Israel

Posted 7/14/17

PhD Fellowships in Colour and Appearance Measurement

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering ( at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has 2 vacancies for positions as PhD fellow within the field of Colour and Appearance Measurement, at the Department of Computer Science (IDI) ( 

Both positions are hosted at The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory (Colourlab, in Gjøvik, Norway, and funded by the Research Council of Norway in the FRINATEK Toppforsk project Measuring and Understanding Visual Appearance (MUVApp, The MUVApp project, led by Professor Jon Y. Hardeberg, aims at developing new knowledge on how humans perceive the visual appearance of materials, objects, and scenes, and to develop new methodologies for measuring and communicating visual appearance and appearance-related material and object properties. 

PhD Fellowship 1: Measurement and modelling of appearance
The visual appearance of materials is a complex phenomenon, which incorporates a number of different attributes such as perceived colour, gloss, texture and sub-surface effects such as scattering. Recent work in this field has enabled a move from the study of individual attributes in isolation to consideration of total appearance. The research challenge is to develop integrated methods of measuring appearance, together with suitable models, that can accurately predict the visual appearance of a material surface under different viewing conditions. The PhD fellow will work with state of the art instruments, develop and extend appearance models from physical measurements, and where necessary develop new measurement methods. The fellow will carry out her/his research under supervision from Professor Phil Green, Associate Professor Peter Nussbaum, and in collaboration with Dr. Gaël Obein from CNAM, France.

PhD Fellowship 2: Image statistics for visual material appearance
The visual appearance of materials is a complex phenomenon, which incorporates a number of different attributes such as perceived colour, gloss, texture and sub-surface effects such as scattering. The PhD fellow will work on image statistics for material appearance, with the goal of describing material appearance through image statistics, and validating the results through psychometric scaling experiments and material samples. The fellow will carry out her/his research under supervision from Professor Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Associate Professor Marius Pedersen, and in collaboration with Professor Karl Gegenfurtner from Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen, Germany. 

The positions are for three years full time or potentially extended to four years with teaching duties, and remunerated according to Norwegian regulations (in the range of gross 50-55 000 USD per year). For more information about the positions, and to apply (before April 30, 2017), refer to

Posted 4/10//17

HP Labs Object Appearance Research Intern

Job ID:3005038
Location: California, Palo Alto

This internship is for University students enrolled in a PhD advanced degree program who are working in a technical role at hp during their summer breaks.

HP-Labs 3D Printing research group is looking for an ambitious and self-motivated summer intern to join our efforts on appearance characterization of 3D printed objects. In specific, this research intern will work with senior researchers on the definition a color uniformity metric of 3D objects. The perceived spatial color non-uniformity can be caused by the manufacturing or finishing process itself, it can inadvertently be introduced by a surface texture and it will be influenced by surface roughness. We will be using state-of the art image-based appearance measurement devices.

Education and Experience Required: 
Bachelors degree Working towards completion of PhD program.

The ideal candidate must be working towards a Ph.D. degree in either color science, image science, optics or electrical engineering. She/he must possess expert background in color science. Fundamental skills we are looking for include multi-image processing, color appearance metrics, HDR processing, optical metrology and programming in Matlab or C++.

Apply at:

Posted 3/22/17