IS&T Publication Specials

IS&T/Wiley Series - Color in Computer Vision

Theo Gevers, Arjan Gijsenij, Joost van de Weijer, and Jan-Mark Geusebroek; September 2012; Member Price: $99.00

Hunt's Measuring Colour 4th Edition Available Now at Special Price

Hunt's Measuring ColorDr. Robert Hunt's "Measuring Colour" (co-authored by Michael Pointer) is now available at the special price of $90, including shipping. Limited time offer, so order now.

Specal $90 Price on The JPEG 2000 Suite

The list price for this offering from edited by Peter Schelkens, Athanassios Skodras, and Touradj Ebrahimi is $165, Amazon's offering it for $109, but you order it here for $90.

HDR Imaging

High Dynamic Range ImagingThe Art and Science of HDR Imaging, by John J. McCann and Alessandro Rizzi, $100 member / $110 non-member

Special Price for ICC Profiles Book

Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC ProfilesColor Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles by Phil Green, editor, has just been released as the newest in the IS&T/Wiley Series. We're offering it at low price of $85 including shipping for IS&T/ICC/SID/SPIE and ISCC-Member members. To take advantage of this, fax in the PDF order form.

IS&T Publications

From it’s bi-monthly membership newsletter The Reporter to two peer-reviewed journals and full conference proceedings, IS&T publishes a plethora of information on the applications and science related to imaging. In addition, IS&T stocks a wide array of entry-level and highly-specialized books from other publishers that cover the topics of the field.


Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (JIST)

Published bi-monthly, the pages of the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology provide the imaging community documentation on a broad range of research, development, and applications in the field of imaging. JIST is hosted on the IngentaConnect Platform.


Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI)

Published quarterly, the Journal of Electronic Imaging is co-published by IS&T and SPIE and hosted at the SPIE Digital Library.  The Journal publishes papers that are normally considered in the design, engineering, and/or application of an electronic imaging system.


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