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In 1990, IS&T merged the Journal of Imaging Science (1985-1989) with the Journal of Imaging Technology (1984-1989) to form the JIST. Articles from JIST since 1997 are available online through the absract search database. Prior to that, IS&T also published the Photographic Science and Engineering (1957-1984) and the Journal of Applied Photographic Engineering (1975-1983). While copies of articles from these older journals are not available online from, they may be accessed by contacting IS&T directly. All JIST articles published since January 1996 (Volume 40, No.1) are available from our digital library. 


To provide the imaging community documentation on a broad range of imaging research, development, and applications as a way to promote communication and understanding across the boundaries of the many disciplines involved in modern imaging.


Typical issues include research papers and/or comprehensive reviews from a variety of topical areas. In the spirit of fostering constructive scientific dialog, the Journal accepts Letters to the Editor commenting on previously published articles. Periodically the Journal features a Special Section containing a group of related— usually invited—papers introduced by a Guest Editor. Imaging research topics that have coverage in JIST include:

  • Digital printing technologies, including ink jet and thermal printing
  • Digital fabrication
  • Materials and processes of electrophotography
  • Prepress and printing technologies
  • Image capture media and technologies including digital cameras
  • Image analysis, interpretation, and quality
  • Color image science
  • Hard and soft displays
  • Image archiving and image permanence
  • Chemistry of photosensitive materials including silver halides

JIST is indexed by SCI, EI, and other agencies.

Paper Submissions

Original manuscripts not previously published and not currently submitted for publication elsewhere may be submitted for peer-review. Prior publication does not refer to conference abstracts, paper summaries, or non-reviewed proceedings.

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Editorial Board


Chunghui Kuo, Eastman Kodak Company

Associate Editors

Vien Cheung, University of Leeds
Susan Farnand, Rochester Institute of Technology
Yeong-Ho Ha, Kyungpook National University
Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Rita Hofmann-Sievert, Bern University of Applied Sciences
Hang-Bong Kang, Catholic University of Korea
David L. Kao, NASA Ames Research Center
Hiroyuki Kawamoto, Waseda University
Kye-Si Kwon, Soonchunhyang University
Bart Lamiroy, University de Lorraine
Branka Lozo, University of Zagreb
Henry Y.T. Ngan, Hong Kong Baptist University
Maria Ortiz Segovia, Océ Print Logic Technologies
Marius Pedersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Steven Simske, HP Inc.
Danli Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Thomas Wischgoll, Wright State University
Zeev Zalevsky, Bar-Ilan University
Song Zhang, Mississippi State University

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