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IS&T/Wiley Series - Camera Image Quality Benchmarking

Jonathan B Phillips and Henrik Eliasson
2017; Member price: $120

IS&T/Wiley Series - Color in Computer Vision

Theo Gevers, Arjan Gijsenij, Joost van de Weijer, and Jan-Mark Geusebroek; September 2012; Member Price: $99.00

HDR Imaging

High Dynamic Range ImagingThe Art and Science of HDR Imaging, by John J. McCann and Alessandro Rizzi, $100 member / $110 non-member

Special Price for ICC Profiles Book

Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC ProfilesColor Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles by Phil Green, editor, has just been released as the newest in the IS&T/Wiley Series. We're offering it at low price of $85 including shipping for IS&T/ICC/SID/SPIE and ISCC-Member members. To take advantage of this, fax in the PDF order form.