Recent Progress in Ink Jet Technologies II

Eric Hanson, Editor; Series Editor: Reiner Eschbach
ISBN / ISSN: 0-89208-220-8
614 pages

This publication is out of print.

This is a companion to the earlier volume of Recent Progress in Ink Jet Technologies, and contains papers collected from the society's journals and from various conference proceedings. It is intended to give the professinoal an up-to-date look at current research in inkjet technology in industry and academia.

© 1999, The Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Chapter I: General

Chapter II: Thermal Ink Jet

Chapter III: Piezoelectrically Driven Ink Jet

Chapter IV: Continuous Ink Jet

Chapter V: Alternative Ink Jet

Chapter VI: Ink and Media

Chapter VII: Print and Image Quality

Chapter VIII: Textile Printing