Archiving Conference Proceedings

Since the first meeting, Archiving has continued to offer a unique opportunity for imaging scientists and those working in the cultural heritage community (curators, archivists, librarians, etc.), as well as in government, industry, and academia, to come together to discuss the most pressing issues related to the digital preservation and stewardship of hardcopy, audio, and video.
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Archiving 2016130.00140.00More DetailARCH2016ARCH
Archiving 2015130.00140.00More DetailARCH2015ARCH
Archiving 2014130.00140.00More DetailARCH2014ARCH
Archiving 2013125.00135.00More DetailARCH2013ARCH
Archiving 2012125.00135.00More DetailARCH2012ARCH
Archiving 2011125.00135.00More DetailARCH2011ARCH
Archiving 2010125.00135.00More DetailARCH2010ARCH
Archiving 200985.00105.00More DetailARCH2009ARCH
Archiving 200875.0095.00More DetailARCH2008ARCH
Archiving 200770.0090.00More DetailARCH2007ARCH
Archiving 200670.0090.00More DetailARCH2006ARCH
Archiving 200570.0090.00More DetailARCH2005ARCH
Archiving 200470.0090.00More DetailARCH2004ARCH