Honorary Membership

Basis of Selection

Honorary Membership recognizes outstanding contribution to the advancement of imaging science and engineering. Contributions to research administration or to Society activities are not of importance for this award. The recipient should have made contributions to more than one specialized area of imaging science and engineering.


Society membership prior to receipt of this award is not required.

Frequency of Award

Not more than one per year; joint awards are permitted.

Form of Award

An engraved silver membership card and gratis membership in the Society are given to recipients of this award. Honorary Membership entitles the recipient to all privileges of regular membership.

Past Recipients

2017 Edward J. Delp III
Michael Kriss
2015 Bernice E. Rogowitz
2014 Brian A. Wandell
2013 Alan Bovik
2012 Noboru Ohta
2011 Chang Yeong Kim
2010 David McDowell
2009 James Larimer
2007 Jan P. Allebach
2006 Shin Ohno
2005 John J. McCann
2004 Gary K. Starkweather
2003 Yoichi Miyake
2002 Rodney Shaw
2001 Vivian K. Walworth
2000 Tadaaki Tani
1999 Robert W. Gundlach
1998 Lucien De Schamphelaere
1997 Paul B. Gilman Jr.
1996 Leo J. Thomas
1995 Edwin P. Przbylowicz
1994 Jordan P. Malinowski
1993 Bradford Washburn
1992 John H. Dessauer
1991 Robert W.G. Hunt
1990 John F. Hamilton
1989 William McCune Jr.
1987 Howard G. Rogers
1986 Wesley T. Hanson Jr.
1985 Shinichi Kikuchi
1984 John A.C. Yule
1983 K. V. Chibissov
1982 Alber Rose
1981 Nevill Mott
1980 Eiichi Inoue
1979 John D. Kendall
1978 Wolfgang F. Berg
1977 Heinz F. Nitka
1976 Julian H. Webb
1975 Deane R. White
1974 F.W. Helmut Mueller
1973 William West
1971 Burt H. Carroll
1970 Emmanuel Goldberg
1969 Leopold Godowsky Jr
Leopold D. Mannes

1968 Thomas Howard James
1967 John W. Mitchell
1965 Edith Weyde
1964 M. Hellmut Frieser
1962 Chester F. Carlson
1960 Douglas A. Spencer
1958 Louis-Philippe Clerc
1957 John Eggert
1956 Harold E. Edgerton
1955 Edwin H. Land
1954 Kenneth C.E. Mees

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