SC08: Quality Assurance Workflows for Digitization Projects

Course Number: SC08

Date: Monday 18 May, 2020
Time: 13:30 – 15:30 (2 hours)
Track: Integration, Workflow, and Quality Control
Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Martina Hoffmann

Benefits: This course enables the attendee to:

  • Understand the need for a suitable QA for digitization of cultural heritage.
  • Identify key questions to start a successful QA workflow.
  • Define the basic ingredients for QA.
  • Understand the principles of a modular QA-workflow.
  • Implement the mix and match principle according to the given basic ingredients.

Course Description
This is a practical course on the set up to a successful quick reliable quality assurance workflow for (mass) digitization projects of cultural heritage. There is a presentation on the successfully implemented QA-workflow at the National Library of the Netherlands to give a hands-on example on how to do it. Building on the pillars of the mix and match principle, the basic ingredients set up a quality workflow which is: Simple — Flexible — Efficient — Modular — Low cost — Fast. Attendees learn which modules are useful and how to build the workflow around them. Practical, real production examples are discussed.

Intended Audience: Managers, program officers, project leaders, suppliers, and quality managers responsible for (mass) digitization programs. A basic knowledge of digitization projects will be assumed.

Martina Hoffmann works as a consultant for Cultural Heritage Digitization and QA Workflows. She is employed at the National Library and National Archives of the Netherlands. She has designed several quality assurance workflows for different mass digitization projects. She teaches QA workflows internationally. Her areas of expertise include image quality QA processes, metadata, and long-term preservation.

5/18/2020 1:30 PM - 5/18/2020 3:30 PM