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1 March 2018
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18 March 2018
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5 July 2018
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24 September 2018

Printing for Fabrication 2018

Materials, Applications, and Processes
the 34th International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies

Dresden, Germany
September 24-28, 2018

Call for Papers

Conference Topics

Submissions in the following areas are encouraged:

Printing for Graphics and New Functionalities

  • Toner-based Processes
  • Inkjet-based Processes
  • Hybrid Technologies (Print & Laser)
  • Aerosol-jet Based Processes
  • Thermal Printing
  • RIP and Pre-press Solutions
  • CAM for Digital Production
  • Digital Finishing and Converting
  • Security Printing
  • Digitalization of Packaging for IOT
  • Printing Based Large Area Electronics
  • Layer Stacks Manufactured by Printing
  • Printing in New Dimensions (2.5D – 4D Printing)

Quality Control of Prints and Objects

  • Metrology Tools for Digital Printing
  • Printing Systems Optimization
  • Performance of Print Products

Recent Advances in Materials for Printing and Additive Manufacturing

  • Toner Materials
  • Colloids and Colloidal Suspensions (Particles, Ink Formulation, Functionality)
  • Printable Conductors, Semiconductors, and Insulators
  • Functionality Optimization through Post-Processing (Drying, Curing, Sintering)
  • Functionality Formation in 3D Printing
  • Substrates for Print Processes
  • Ink-Substrate Interactions
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Combinatorial Materials Science using Digital Printing Technologies

Lab2Fab Challenges

  • Design and Build of Digital Production Machines
  • 3D Printers & Machinery
  • Standardization of Materials and Processes
  • Material-Machine Interactions and Processes

Inkjet Printing for Textiles and Nonwovens

  • Fabric Design Printing
  • Technical Textile Processing by Printing
  • Printed Functionalities Integration in Textiles
  • Printed Smart Wearables
  • Textile-related Ink Developments

Inkjet Printing of Decorative Surfaces

  • Printed Functionalities Integration on Wallpapers, Décor Papers, and Laminates
  • Advanced Digital Wallpaper Printing
  • Laminate Décor Paper Printing
  • Printing on (non-flat) Rigid Objects

Printing of Biological Materials and Pharmaceuticals

  • Bio-Printing Techniques
  • Hydrogels for Bio Applications
  • Living Cell Ink Formulations
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Tissue Modeling
  • Biological Surface Modification
  • Characterization of Bio-printed Objects
  •  2D and 3D Pharmaceutical Printing

Opportunities for Introductions

Details on these special features of the conference will be released over the next few months

  • What’s New in the Printing Machinery Market?
  • Research at the Edge!
  • Late Breaking News Session
  • Colleague Connection Events
  • Keynote Talks
  • Conference Exhibit and Demonstration Session

How to Submit

How to submit a Journal-First (JIST-first) Paper

Submit via
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018

Journal papers differ from conference papers in that they meet the standards of the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (JIST) in terms of scope, originality, relevance of topic, completeness of background/reference to prior work, completeness of results/discussion, and quality of language. Refer to JIST-first Author Guidelines for detailed instructions.

JIST-first Printing for Fabrication 2018 papers are submitted directly to JIST and are due by March 1, 2018. Accepted papers are published in JIST, appear in the Printing for Fabrication proceedings as reprints, and are presented at Printing for Fabrication within the technical papers program. Decisions and requests for revision, if required, will be sent to authors in late April 2018. Revisions of provisionally accepted papers are due within 10 days following the provisional decision letter and no later than May 20, 2018 unless otherwise noted by JIST editor. Upon final acceptance of papers, first authors will register for Printing for Fabrication, and will be asked to pay JIST page fees reduced by 50%. Go to for the JIST submission link and further instructions. Contact Donna Smith at 703/642-9090, for questions.

Conference Paper Submission

Submission Deadline: March 18, 2018

Submit a technical paper representing original work in the science and/or technology related to digital printing or fabrication, to the conference paper web address noted above. Submissions should be based on the template provided and must include an extended abstract of approximately 500 words, clearly stating the technical content of the paper, the methods, and conclusions; if appropriate, emphasize what is new compared to previously presented/published results. You will be asked to indicate your preference for giving an oral or an interactive paper. Abstracts are peer-reviewed; authors will be notified in late April 2018 as to acceptance. Accepted papers (4-6 pages in length) are published in the conference proceedings. Direct questions to

Late Breaking News

A favorite of attendees, this session held at the end of the week, compiles recent success stories on the implementation of digital printing applications into manufacturing lines. Every new successful implementation strengthens the standing of our community and the general perception of digital fabrication. We encourage you to present your success story by contacting

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