13 - 17  January, 2019 • Burlingame, California USA

Begins Monday January 14, 2019

Program Preview

Below is a sample of the program. Full details will be posted soon.

A CNN adapted to time series for the classification of supernovae, Anthony Brunel1, Johanna Pasquet2, Jérôme Pasquet3, Nancy Rodriguez1, Frédéric Comby1, Dominique Fouchez2, and Marc Chaumont1; 1LIRMM Montpellier, 2CPPM Marseille, and 3LIS Marseille (France)

A computationally-efficient gamut mapping solution for color image processing pipelines in digital camera systems, Noha El-Yamany, Intel Corporation (Finland)

A simple approach for gamut boundary description using radial basis function network, In-ho Park, Hyunsoo Oh, and Ki-Min Kang, HP Printing Korea (HPPK) (Republic of Korea)

About glare and luminance measurements, Simone Liberini1, Maurizio Rossi2, and Alessandro Rizzi1; 1Università degli Studi di Milano and 2Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Analysis of illumination correction error in camera color space, Minji Lee and Byung-Uk Lee, Ewha Womans University (Republic of Korea)

Appearance-preserving error diffusion algorithm using texture information, Takuma Kiyotomo, Midori Tanaka, and Takahiko Horiuchi, Chiba University (Japan)

Automatic image enhancement for under-exposed, over-exposed, or backlit images, Jaemin Shin, Hyunsoo Oh, Kyeongman Kim, and Ki-Min Kang, HP Printing Korea (Republic of Korea)

Colour gamut mapping using vividness scale, Baiyue Zhao1, Lihao Xu1, and Ming Luo1,2; 1Zhejiang University (China) and 2University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Determination of individual-observer color matching functions for use in color management systems, Eric Walowit, Eric Walowit (United States)

Fast GPU implementation of spatial color algorithms for computer graphics appearance rendering, Matteo Lanaro, Anton Kozulin, and Alessandro Rizzi, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)

Impression evaluation between color vision types, Yasuyo Ichihara, Kogakuin University (Japan)

Limits of color constancy: Comparison of the signatures of chromatic adaptation and spatial comparisons, John McCann, McCann Imaging (United States)

Recreating Van Gogh's original colors on museum displays, Eric Kirchner1, Muriel Geldof2, Ella Hendriks3, Art Ness Proano Gaibor2, Koen Janssens4, John Delaney5, Ivo Lans1, Frank Ligterink2, Luc Megens2, Teio Meedendorp6, and Kathrin Pilz6; 1AkzoNobel (the Netherlands), 2RCE (the Netherlands), 3University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 4University of Antwerp (Belgium), 5National Gallery (United States), and 6Van Gogh Museum (the Netherlands)

Refining ACES best practice, Eberhard Hasche, Oliver Karaschewski, and Reiner Creutzburg, Technische Hochschule Brandenburg (Germany)

Wide dynamic range enhancement for copied printout, Hyung Jun Park1, In-ho Park2, and Namju Shin2; 1HP Inc. and 2HP Printing Korea (HPPK) (Republic of Korea)

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Important Dates
Call for Papers Announced 1 Mar 2018
Journal-first Submissions Due 30 Jun 2018
Abstract Submission Site Opens 1 May 2018
Review Abstracts Due (refer to For Authors page
 · Early Decision Ends 30 Jun 2018
· Regular Submission Ends 8 Sept 2018
· Extended Submission Ends 25 Sept 2018
 Final Manuscript Deadlines  
 · Fast Track Manuscripts Due 14 Nov 2018 
 · Final Manuscripts Due 1 Feb 2019 
Registration Opens 23 Oct 2018
Early Registration Ends 18 Dec 2018
Hotel Reservation Deadline 21 Dec 2018
Conference Begins 13 Jan 2019

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Conference Chairs
Reiner Eschbach, National University of Science and Technology (Norway)/ Monroe Community College (United States); Gabriel Marcu, Apple Inc. (United States); Alessandro Rizzi, Università Degli Studi di Milano (Italy)

Program Committee
Jan Allebach, Purdue University (United States); Vien Cheung, University of Leeds (United Kingdom); Scott Daly, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (United States); Philip Green, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Norway); Choon-Woo Kim, Inha University (Korea, Republic of); Michael Kriss, MAK Consultants (United States); Fritz Lebowsky, Consultant (France); John J McCann, McCann Imaging (United States); Nathan Moroney, HP Labs, HP Inc. (United States); Carinna Parraman, University of the West of England (United Kingdom); Marius Pedersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Norway); Shoji Tominaga, Chiba University (Japan); Sophie Triantaphillidou, University of Westminster (United Kingdom); Stephen Westland, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)